Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pure Karma's Offering 净业的供品

Q: Hi FaShi, I can't really understand pure karma offering items in form of "main tray, which is 108/128 SDG not attending/attending" 
n "personal, 15/28 not attending/attending", 
can explain main tray n personal offering items usage n to what? Thanks.

Reply: The main tray of offering - almost the same as the master tray of offering & now I put them into a Stupa shape carton

For those not attending in person, the price is cheaper bcos certain offering like perfumes, beef, wine...

& A physical scanning from me. Hehe!

thats the difference between attending & Not attending! 
My loving touch! (smile emoticon)

like events in Medan, or Jkt, those that can't attend physically subscribe the offering of lotuses for self as well as their karmic foes, earth god & etc.

Why do offering and what does it signifies?
Its to build Resource Path!

We can also do offering on behalf of karmic foes n earth gods n spirits, to help them accumulate merits and receive blessing to ease their suffering

the main tray are like event sponsors - for those that can afford to help more beings do offering!

Q: Ah.... many thanks for explanation, as you really have many designs of offering items as all has it meanings for various uses.

R: Ya. offering must be things u like lol
so if they pleased your senses then they are sincere offering lol

Q: Hahaha it more like designing also

R: Like the 5 color stupa that I put up for offer for vesak day, is specially chosen for its beneficial significance

Q: I see.

R: I wrote about event sponsorship recently. includes event supplies n charity n sharing dharma too

Q: In your fb?

R: in my blog
of course u Hv to trust me to make your sincerity felt lol

Q: all are nice design well done lah!

R: Most think that I am bluffing

Q: Well, sometime aren't easy for Everyone to understand anything in this world and people doing, as mind frequencies really varies from non practitioners to practitioners & practitioners to practitioners. 
I have met various backgrounds of practitioners, sometime I felt pressure chatting with them which make me appreciate chatting without much stress with typical lay people who are non practitioners, and I do appreciate all practitioners I met in my life todate, as it will be only this life time for now.

Pure Karma has made it affordable for most to do Offering with Sincerity according to their Financial means! :)

And the Choice is always Yours & Yours only!

Main tray of offering? - like sponsors of events!

Individual lotus offering? For named individuals only!

Now think! 

Individual lotus offering for those attending large scale events in Medan is $25 each.

Event sponsorship begins at $28 each.

A difference of $3/- only, BUT a whole world of differences in Significance! :)

When you are ready to move or advance to a higher level in Cultivation, then sponsorship is for you!

But if you are just starting out, you need to cleanse or purify your karmic burdens & accumulate merits, then do the individual offering and dedicate them also on behalf of your karmic foes, earth gods & spirits in and around your home and place of work!

If you need some "$$$", then dedicate offering to Fortune Deities!

Pure Karma has lots of goodies tailored to your needs!

Take a look and register at

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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