Friday, April 1, 2016

自身难保 Can't Protect Self!

Above: GM Lu, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng, White Padmakumara.

AA: HJ said that she wants to offer more to her ancestors. she did one recently   n now another  :)
The problem with her is her karmic foes & ........! How to tell her?

BB: oh wow...

AA: I think that some smart guy taught her to do ancestors more like YJ! 
I advised YJ & someone turned around n teach HJ! :)

BB: olala
she should just ask you directly for advice

AA: Just like MX, I taught his RR to chant repentance mantra n he go tell his sis in law to do the same

BB: i thought you had advised her but she still chose to do more for ancestor

AA: nah! she didn't ask me anything
hahaha! GM is great! CD has the false aura of being "Incharge" & thus ppl perceived that he is in the know to "prescribe" solution or treatments!
at least you have more knowhow n you come ask me and not go be smart & teach ppl what to do

BB: Thanks.
yes, he brought his friends who has problem with his business to some spiritual master to ask some stuff
now it starts to make sense

AA: hahaha! getting help from spirits? 
One exposes self to the influence n ultimate enslaving by spirits!
Yes! Become possessed n controlled by spirits in the end!

BB: O!
yes, GM said that

AA: its like drug addiction, one becomes totally hooked!
MX has an addiction to wenshi & he can't function without asking! 
and for free too!
I also told u all how dangerous it is to ask for someone else when you can't read the person
the glory n pride of helping others, boost one's ego but the consequences are scary
hahaha! being look up to & appearing clever n smart really comes with great penalties to self
when One needs or wants something, means you can't void sentient materials, scary lol

BB: Thanks.
the goal is to cultivate, not to get side tracked with these stuff

AA: yup.
must have self control to determine one's own fate n not rely on external sources

Dear all, when someone tell you that you can get help from spiritual master, that means he/she can't help you himself/herself, agree?


Giving or handing you into the hands of someone that they think can help you, means also that they go this same way too and regularly, agree? 

The Beginning of these spiritual aid might be rosy, but the Ends?

Now! What happened to an important goal in cultivation in 自主生死 - being in control of one's own fate or destiny?

If you are a student of GM Lu, then please wake up and save yourself first! 

Do you know why you are doing Offering to Ancestors?
or Your Karmic foes?
or to your guru and all divinities?
or to needy beings in the 6-realms of transmigration?

Heard of Resource Path in Cultivation?


Pure Karma has articles in this blog that are Step by Step guides to Cultivating from the bottom rung up, just like GM Lu said that Cultivation must be a step by step or level by level method!

You can't walk but attempt to FLY!

As GM Lu said: Rabbit shouldn't follow the Lion's Leap across cliffs, their end is fatal!

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