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失去传承?Loosing Lineage? [2] - 过目不忘 Passed the eyes won't forget!


A: My dear, remember the video clip u showed me that was sent from ck to cn, about this guy who brought his photo to consult GM. 
GM also said he went to consult other masters too, which this guy vehemently denied.
can u find that video clip for me pls

B: ok. i remember the video

A: ya. find it for me pls

B: okies

A: it showed GM's ability to read aura & the VM can't
also lots of interesting FACTS about a person's aura which he can't hide2 :)

I am going to Tell the Truth as it is again

B: yes hor, even being able to raise spirits isn't a guarantee of buddha dharma realisation

A: lj went the mortal's way n not the divine one lol
no matter how powerful they claimed to be, they just have no clue!
n in that video, LJ looks very blur2
hehe! I can remember the look on his face too :)
ain't I scary?

B: :)
A: n you showed me in medan in the shop house's dining area

B: wow you remember even to the detail, i have forgotten about that already :)

A: a chinese saying: 过目不忘 means passed the eyes n won't forget!
Tue, 6:27 PM

B: i couldn't find the one in youtube or vimeo
only from the facebook upload

A: thanks

B:de rien

A: hehe! my memory real not bad hor?
gm warns him of loosing lineage
he said he only seek out other masters to do bardo delivery with Phowa Dharma
he denied seeking elsewhere n GM said that when he pressed on the photo he already knew
can we download into our you-tube?

B: let me try

A: ok
B: can
on so small, only 2.6 MB
let me send it to you

A: thanks. dear
u are a great help :)
how do i share into the post?

B: on the new post, there is an icon of Add Video
(just beside the Add Image icon)

A: I added it to my you-tube liao :)
thanks again

B:  :) yes, that's easier, so you have the copy in your youtube account

A: hehe! I am really not so blur after all, right?
i will write the post later :)

Dear all, have you watched the video clip shared in previous article: 

Saying sorry? Is something one should do, agree?

When you argue with GM Lu or try to refute his statements or observations, you actually showed that you doubt that He is a Living Buddha! 

This Doubtfulness can lose you the Lineage Transmission from GM Lu!

GM Lu told the student that "just by pressing this spot on your photo, I can See already"!

What has GM Lu seen?

Now, seeking a master from other school who promote his ability to do Bardo Delivery with Phowa Dharma online?

This student is truly ignorant that Bardo Delivery can be done by GM Lu with Just A Single Thought!  :)

GM Lu also taught us how to visualise the Deceased being placed on a lotus and send upwards! 
You can add his Guiyi certificate too!
I remember that these were shared in a chapter in Taiwan on 2010 when GM Lu was doing the rounds of chapters in Taiwan.
A student volunteered his views and GM Lu asked him to give a short statement to ascertained whether he is enlightened or not.
The student volunteered: 应有既有 - means Should have then have.
VM LN was asked by GM Lu to pronounce whether this student is enlightened or not.
The answer is Not Enlightened.
Body Speech Mind!

This chapter requested for abhiseka of 
Acala - but didn't prepare raw red meat;
Talisman drawing - GM Lu said it is impossible to do so with the large number of attendees present and the time constraint!

For those present, you should know that I do remember the occurrences during that day, although I can't remember the name of the chapter well. 
Is it 竹贤堂 zhu xian tang?

O! in the room next to the one that GM Lu sat, there are lots of Homa supplies stack on shelves too! 

I shared how to visualise Bardo Delivery too in this blog!
Example for a deceased dog you see on the road, or road side.

Form White Padmakumara's Mudra, 
Visualise that you place the deceased dog onto the your left hand mudra, that of a lotus.
Then chant Mantra and you can slowly raise your left hand, or lotus mudra, upwards and hand it over to GM Lu.

Thats all! 

Simple, right?

I do this often when I see dead animals or people! 
And, this is what GM Lu taught: Mudra, Visualisation & Mantra! :)

Do you still need to go seek someone who claimed that he can use Phowa Dharma to do Bardo delivery for your dear ones?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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