Wednesday, April 6, 2016

赞助 Sponsorship?

 Above: Ancestors offering packs spread out on top of lotuses; and the Charity tub of offering to Homeless spirits and various deities -As stated in the talisman.

 Above: The special bundles for sponsors of $50 or more - including 1 printed page of weapons; 1 printed page of Summer attire or Dakini's attire; 1 unit of Yellow Jambala incense sticks; units of Japanese incense sticks; Red-packet containing a set of 7 special dharma crowns;
AND the Full meaning of Event Sponsorship!!!

Above & below: Individual Lotus offering subscribed by participants, which include fellow and non fellow students!

 Above & below: The lovely offerings!

Dear fashi,

I do typo for one lotus offering, it must be lotus offering for paternal ancestor from mother (before i write, it is maternal ancestor)


My dear,
why don't u just do ancestor offering for both ancestral surnames each time & one lotus offering for your karmic enemies too!

Or one lotus offering each for each ancestral surname and one for your karmic. means 3 lotuses each event - if you do this way for all mini puja in SG, then you do not need to sponsor $28 as minimum requirement, but $X only!
If you accept this special only for you, each event in SG - you only need to pay 3 X 15 = $45 plus $X.

This way, I helped you to do offering to your ancestors and karmic enemies which you need most! :)

The sponsorship actually enables you to sponsor all supplies for each individual event - including the incense offering to homeless spirits and deities! :)

AND then you can dedicate add-ons like the Yellow jambala incense gourd bundle, and all the lovely things that Pure Karma made for offering.... with their own significances. :)

Each of us have to cultivate our individual way according to our own karmic levels and directions.
So lets not waste time doing something wasteful! :)

Understanding what is our own problems and doing the relevant and necessary to solve them, is Authentic Buddha Dharma.


Special Note:
Those who sponsor SGD 28 & above, are eligible to subscribe for 2 units of Lotus offering at SGD 15 each for dedication from themselves only.

Those who subscribe for a main tray of offering at SGD 108 (Not attending) or
SGD 128 (Attending) are eligible to subscribe for a maximum of 6 Lotus offering at SGD 15 each or dedication from themselves only.

The minimum requirement for each interested party to do dedication with Individual Lotus Offering is a sponsorship of $28! 


Most do not know clearly what they need to do but just do what they think is good for themselves and what they want! 

AA: I wrote to NE to advise him about doing offering n dedication :)

Hahaha! its to tell ppl that sponsorship is better than doing individual dedication in own's name too
if ppl can get the message!

BB: :) Yes hor

AA: its also to let ppl know that PK is not out for $$


Sponsorship actually engulfs a wider scope of dedication or offering to almost all beings of the 6-realms or on their behalf to all Divinities!

BUT, do be careful that YOU do not affix any thought of rewards or returns too when you GIVE or Sponsor! 

Now, think - why do you offer Hada to anyone?

Why do you pay hefty sum of money to be a named sponsor and have your name announced and also securing a "front-seat" at events conducted by GM Lu or other masters?


You RECEIVED the Mortal's need for rewards! - The Fame or Recognition are your rewards!

BUT, You THROW AWAY the Invisible or Immortal's returns!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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