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21-3-2016 读后感 Reaction After Reading??

Terjemahan Indonesia: 21-3-2016 Reaksi Setelah Membaca??

What is your reaction after reading this article by GM Lu?
有關「蓮格上師」的慘劇 Pertaining to Tragedy of VM Lian-ge

The article contains reaction of Rev. Lian-xin to an article about VM Lian-ge who betrayed GM Lu and lured many fellow students to follow him!

Also GM Lu's comments and advices. :)

Now bring along all your dharma knowhow learnt and join us in a journey into this article.

[A] 弟子蓮心合十 / 一九八七、十二、三十
The letter was dated in 1987 12th Month 30th day.
Rev Lian-xin also stated that she was a freshie or new comer.

[B] <<昨日收到蓮邦第廿一期,看到「蓮格上師的慘劇」一文,感慨萬千,他給我的印象很深,是一位使我對「真佛宗」信心動搖的人。
Received Lian-bang's 21st edition, and read the article [Tragedy of VM Lian-ge], I have lots of deep regretful emotion, he gave me a deep impression, is one that caused me to falter in my believe in [True Buddha School]. >>

[C] <<當我回飯聽吃早餐的時候,他又在堂中自己練各種啟靈,動作殊多怪異,引得周圍人人群聚看他,看得目瞪口呆,然後,又自動的推介自己,紅蓮花童子,二年就拿到上師云云。
When I returned to dining hall to have breakfast, he was in the middle of the hall practicing all kinds of raising spirits, lots of weird movements, attracting attention from all around to crowd around him, and watching dumbfoundedly, then, he automatically promote himself as red padmakumara, got VM title in 2 years ...... >>

[D] <<當他練完後,卻到餐廳邀我同他們一起去逛街,我不便拒絕他的好意,即同去,一路他所談的無不是神通靈感,無不是自誇,還說:
After his practice, he came and invite me to join his group's outing, and I can't refuse his good intention, so went along. All along the way, he talked non-stop about transcendental abilities and spiritual responses, none of his words are not self boast, still said: in the future, VM of TBS will compete with GM.

Gosh! I became confused, Red padmakumara will compete with White Padmakumara!

[E] << 我誤認真佛宗好像是搞權利鬥爭的宗派
I mistakenly feel that TBS seem like playing or acting out School or Sector of Power Struggle. >>

[F] << 因此,特別再刊出「蓮心」的來信,再申明之:
Thus, specially publish [Lian-xin's] letter, and state clearly about it: 
To Lian-xin's letter, I have to clarify these points: >>



Dear all, 
How much of the Lian-xin's views or opinions are True even to this day?
AND why? :)

Why did GM Lu felt the need to clarify with statements?

BUT, how many heeded GM Lu's statements in this case?

We still see people with an external form representing a certain status, play havoc with their own perceptions and also force their own perceptions, mostly unwholesome, onto others?

We still see many "bullies" in dharma arenas, battling ignorantly their own demons!

In recent years, and sometime back in 2010 -2011, GM Lu commented that VMs can take students but not from the midst of their own fellow students! 
I think he was visiting some chapters in the south of Taiwan then.
Anyone remember these?

GM Lu clarified in statements or Telling the Truth as it is or Pointing out, as a form of "Damage-control" !

He is doing a rescuing act of those with confused minds because they lack True Dharma knowledge.

Let me share some "Sweeteners" :)

GM Lu said all that are reincarnations of deities or divinities, MUST cultivate diligently and then can successfully link back to previous achievements!

AND, why get confused or even panic?

GM Lu is a True Yogi and a Living Buddha, whereas, in 1987, no Living Buddha or Rinpoche were affirmed!

Also, we are all Padmakumaras and we can only make it true IF we be diligent!

Do you agree that Lian-xin has fears due to lack of knowledge in True or Authentic Buddha Dharma?

Its all in the contents of her letter, her Body, Speech, Mind!

A novice in many ways!

Now, almost 30 years later, with GM Lu sharing so much Truths, I hope that more and more sentient beings do not fall prey to Fake masters or be led astrayed!



** You may not agree with my views or have you own too.
It is a positive sign that you have a Mind that has potential to be "develop"!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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