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Vikalpa in Yoga Meditation 瑜伽定中的妄念

Terjemahan Indonesia: Vikalpa di dalam Meditasi Yoga

Quoting from yoga meditation, contemplation, and devotion for self-realisation – Vikalpa:
Courtesy of Tripurashakti

Vikalpa = one of the five kinds of thoughts or vrittis; there are five kinds of movements in the mind-field and one of them is vikalpa (yogasutra 1.6)

Vikalpa = movements in the mind that are “fantasies or imaginations”

5 kinds of thoughts are: pramana, viparyaya, vikalpa, nidra, smriti


Observing vikalpa 
We want to understand the meaning of vikalpa, but not merely by knowing its definition; we want to be able to observe it in our daily life.
Thus choose for a day or a week to be aware of this movement of mind, called vikalpa, as you go through activities, situations, and conversations. 

Observe how vikalpa relates to actions, thoughts, and speech. 

You want to find your own examples of vikalpa, so that you have direct knowledge of this concept of vikalpa.

One way to start is to catch a thought, any thought… since there are only 5 kinds of thoughts, five kinds of vrittis, this thought has to be one of these five. 
Is this thought an imagination or fantasy (vikalpa)? 
If it is not vikalpa; then find out by using buddhi, which of the other four kinds of thoughts it is. 
Examples of vikalpa are day dreaming, fantasizing about a future event, making little theater shows in your mind on situations from the past thinking how they should have happened, or thinking of a pink elephant which doesn’t exist.

Internal dialogue about vikalpa
Ask your mind; why do we run away into fantasies and imaginations? 
Have a dialogue with your mind: is this is useful or not? 

Ask your mind; where will these fantasies lead us to? 

Thus one way to increase your awareness to vikalpa is to literally ask to mind to help you understand vikalpa. 

Why do we fantasies, what will it bring and also how can we deal with it. 

Mind can we be aware of vikalpa, and can you help me reduce drifting into fantasies and imagination?

When you learn to talk to your mind, the mind will become a great friend that can help you on the path. 
Then the mind starts to help you to overcome unnecessary vikalpa, isn’t that a delight!


Dear all, 
Whats GM Lu's solution for Halting Vikalpa?

以念止念 Using Thought to Halt Thought! 

Easy to say but difficult to achieve though.

Look carefully at the photos shown above.

Can you figure out why I shared them? :)

Think: What happens when you can Halt Vikalpa?

You are welcome to send your interpretation of the photos shown above to

Interpretation or inference needs a certain amount of Authentic Tantric Dharma knowledge though.
Have you enough to read the photos shown accurately?

Hint: Try [Merging Into]!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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