Monday, March 28, 2016

水落石出 Truth Is Out!





Full Speech: -

In the above session, GM Lu made it very very clear that each individual has to do their very own cultivation.
He said he can't do so for his children or grand children and also not for shi-mu.
He used the Chinese saying about - a husband and wife is like birds of the same forest, and when calamities happened, each fly away on their own.


What Core or Admin alleged to be GM Lu's statements shared after luncheon on 22 Sep. 2012, that they publicised and I pointed out that these statements are not from GM Lu, a Living Buddha, can now be truly clarified by GM Lu's statements that HE can't cultivate instead of his family members! 

Core alleged that GM Lu said that GM Lu's care-givers win thumbs up over those diligent cultivators who abide disciplines strictly and even if these care-givers have no leisure to cultivate, they also can get GM Lu's merits, very grand & auspicious!!!


AND, From: 
  • GM's Closest Care-giver! 師尊最貼切的侍者 !
  • << 根据总委会的说法, [7. 七、即使守戒清嚴第一的行者,都輸給一心侍奉根本上師的侍者。即使侍者無暇修法,都得到師父的功德,甚為殊偉。]
    As per TBS' Admin: [7. Even if the topmost cultivator who abides strictly and purely in disciplines, Also lost out to those one-hearted care-givers of Root Guru.
    Even if these care-givers have no leisure to cultivate dharma, also can get Guru's merits, very grand and auspicious.]

    Shimu personally said: I am a multi-task worker, I am:
    上師之職 VM's post
    師尊最貼切的侍者GM's closest care-giver


Who is telling the Truth in accordance with Authentic or True Buddha Dharma?

For the past 4 years, that is from 22 Sep 2012, Core has never come clean with their false statements, which are extremely misleading and will surely cause catastrophic results to wisdom life of those that swallow everything publicised by TBS Admin or Core, lock stock & barrel!  :)

Its Maha Perfection Dharma that finally reveal the Truths and exposed the liars and fakes! 

Best listen only to GM Lu closely and solely, agree?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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