Monday, March 14, 2016

师尊讲[健康]GM Lu on [Health]


12/3/2016  3:40PM
AA: how great they started real early today! :)

BB: i was astonished too
on time for the first time

AA: I was busy posting the article about shimu claims n those of core too

BB: :) uh wow... spicy article
yet the message is very clear!
wondering so many people like to swallow anything without deeper analysis
Mar 12, 3:51 PM

AA: n now GM said Shimu keeps on talking n even repeat more than 3 times!
then he said to stay heathy must talk less ....

BB: shi de!  :)

AA: the dad said to the son: best to find a mute for a wife! [contents of joke shared by GM Lu]

BB: :) :) :)

AA: all pointing to Shimu that control by non stop talking?

BB: yes, indeed
GM bohuat

AA: and GM hinting that ppl that drop hair best to be a monk! :)

BB: hai you hen tuo fannao [还有很多烦恼]

Shimu has been making lots of claims for merits!

BB: she sounds desperate for recognition
even at her age now

AA: Hahaha! he is now joking about his ex-love tales
but now she don't dare talk so much in live cast about how meritorious she is lol
my comments hit target liao

BB: yes, how weird

AA: even Core dare not publish garbages n alleged that they are from GM
and today's what GM kept repeating cultivating will be healthy
hehe! Guru yoga!
now repeating how to be healthy again
so Shimu really didn't study n cultivate buddha dharma at all

BB: yes
i'm also not sure with her buddha dharma capacity

AA: Love is wishing well n not possession

BB: yes
what a nice quote
well wishes

AA: shimu looks very dull n blur
O! god! she going to talk again
I switch off liao

BB: yes hor

AA: hehe! dont want to listen
Mar 12, 4:56 PM

AA: I saw ..... emails. ask him about getting fragrance maybe .... or u go buy for him n I bless it so he can use as protective shield

BB: i've told him
i have also recorded the amount from them as well in the sheet

AA: since he is away but we can help him somehow lol

BB: yes

Sun, 9:28 PM
AA: I recalled GM said yesterday that He shared so much dharma n everyone must be bored liao! :)

problem is not many really bothered to listen lol!
thats why share n dont share no diff to most ppl
hehe! the speeches that shimu gives also very obvious that she didn't set a good example for all n cultivate properly!
too much of her contributions n great works!
I need the small bundle of stick incense too! if can help me buy 6 bundles, pls

Sun, 11:12 PM
BB: the short ones or which one?

AA: the short ones
the ones here don't smell so nice lol

BB: okies

AA: When ppl keep on wenshi or talk rubbish, I too don't want to teach them more :)

BB: :) indeed so many people love to talk rubbish nowadays

AA: Not only now but all the time too
figure heads like shimu is one example n ppl learn from her n not gm. sad lol

BB: yes
people regard her as holy being because she claims to be the guru's dakini
well who dares to defy then

AA: sad that her looks already refuted that n what more her speech!
Then GM hint hint here n there to prick her bubble

BB: especially in recent weeks :)
actually it's quite obvious

AA: ya lol. the best was the possession by animal spirits too!
she revealed herself as very very mortal minded
her acts really can't fool ppl much now too
she still wants to give speech! hehe! I dont want to listen lol
my telling the Truth as it is about her is enough liao
the rest up to individual to follow her or not

BB: (palms together)  yes, very clear

AA: I also told gm that I don't like to write n state the obvious

BB: yes, because telling the truth will invite so many enemies, as always from the time immemorial

AA: Hahaha! I am ok la. the no record karma, remember? my intent is not for self but educational

BB: yes
ignorant people will be restless :)

AA: Most think the more the faster they will succeed


Dear all,
Listen well to GM Lu, please.

The Key to Health is all there! 

Telling the Truth as it is!

Using what GM Lu shared and taught, you can then know who is really [Telling the Truth] and sharing Authentic Buddha Dharma that can help you free yourself from non-stop transmigration in the 6 Realms of Samsara!

You need not believe my words, but if you can use them to benefit self as well as others, thats more important! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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