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Women's Rights 女权

08/03/2016, 11:45 - SJ: 
Hahahaha 08/03/2016, 11:52 - Ln: :) 08/03/2016, 11:52 - Lotuschef : :) 08/03/2016, 12:13 - CT:

08/03/2016, 12:25 - GC: Oooh...I luv this! Yes!
08/03/2016, 13:29 - ad: Wow! Thanks for the messages. Funny too 
08/03/2016, 13:30 - ad: The one from SJ. Need to forward to all the gentlemen. 

08/03/2016, 14:38 - Lotuschef: my dears, this RIGHTS thingy all control by self n not forcefully seized away. :). 
Fear for perceived harm to self is the culprit in one giving up their own rights :). boring?

08/03/2016, 14:39 - Lotuschef : why does one even think of asserting one's perceived dues of rights? hehe!

08/03/2016, 18:09 - ad: 

08/03/2016, 19:30 - S J: Papa u v chim. All those pix r meant for laughs only. 

08/03/2016, 19:47 - Lotuschef : I know that :) . but it's still true that we give up our rights for fear of harm to self or dear ones :)

    So when bodhi being viewed from the perspective of the one in the progress of enlightenment, bodhi is growing because one doesn't understand that the expanse of buddha nature is borderless and limitless.
    When being viewed from the perspective of the enlightened ones, bodhi doesn't not grow because there is no dualism and the expanse of buddha-nature covers the whole universe, that is limitless.

    In the Wo-lun's verse:
    能斷百思想 He can cut off all thoughts.
    對境心不起 No situation can stir his mind.
    菩提日日長 The Bodhi tree grows daily in him.

    > Master Wo-lun thought that by silencing the mind and cutting off thoughts, virtue increased and therefore the Bodhi grew.
    If Master Wo-lun would have understood the verse from Master Hui-neng that:
    不斷百思想 He does not cut off any thoughts.
    對境心數起 His mind responds to all situations.

    > he would know that for eternity the flowing of the thoughts can't be stopped, therefore like GM has just explained: the buddha-nature and thoughts are [irrelevant], the buddha-nature is "as long and permanent", and thoughts are just covering it; and that the way to let it emerge is through decreasing the thoughts by stilling them.
  • Does Bodhi Grows? 菩提能增长吗?[A2]
  • Extract:
    As buddha nature is just there n never increase or decrease, likewise Bodhi.
    Bodhi can be said to "grow" only when one cultivates n gradually unveil one's buddha nature thru stages of cultivation n realisation.

Dear all, 
Lets ponder on these:-

1. 1816 - Women had no rights
2. 1916 - Women fought for some rights
3. 2016 - Women are always right

Hint: Progressive Growth of Mind

There is a Fun Way to look at the above though! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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