Wednesday, March 30, 2016

你能真的帮忙吗?Can you really help? [1]

Case 1:
At one of Pure Karma's event.
A fellow student brought along a friend, they arrived about 20 minutes before scheduled time of event.

I was giving the finishing touches to the offering and they greeted me.
As I continued to busy myself, the fellow student came and harassed me to go talk to her friend, saying her friend needs help.

I asked this visitor what's her problem and she said business not smooth.
So I advised her to dedicate offering to Earth deities and spirits.

After that session, the fellow student said told me that the friend also wants to know about when she will meet her a life partner or husband.
She sort of blamed me for not asking her friend in detail.



Case 2:
Another student brought along his sister to a cultivation session in one of the local chapter.
He told me that his sister has taken refuge with Gelugpa sector and that she needs help.
Seems she has some gastric mild function.
I told him can't "wenshi" but he still insisted that I help his sister.

At the same session, another student also had a problem.
He said one of his team of students that attended an overseas competition with him had a frightening encounter with ghostly spirits.
He went to take and look and sent the students away from the room, leaving him to deal with the ghostly spirits.

Guess what?
He said that he chanted Guru's mantra with no effect and the ghosts laughed at him!

Obviously, his bravado is all a false front, agree?

I said to him, you didn't invoke GM's presence, therefore your chanting is not effective!

Must first visualise GM appearance and that he sits into us, once he merges into us, we became the Living Buddha Lian Sheng or White Padmakumara.
AND then radiate light all around, far and wide.

The moment that GM sits in and shines, all spirits will have already ran away!
YES! that is before you even start to chant mantra!



Do not promise your friends or relatives that you can help them get help from me to resolve their problems!

Also, do not attempt to help anyone when you are still far away from Guru Yoga!

In Case 2, the fellow student who attempted to deal with the ghosts thinking he has the ability or power to do so, actually puts himself in grave danger of being hurt by the ghosts! :)

AND, when dealing with ghostly spirits, PLEASE REMEMBER that you do not use any hostile means!

Friendly negotiation for amicable solution, please!

Yes! I have had many that boast of helping others through putting me to work for FREE!

The Current Charges or Fees on Wenshi resulted from many who abused my compassion and waste my time!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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