Friday, March 11, 2016

Poisoning 中毒 [1]

California King Snake
Popular in the pet trade, this subspecies of the common king snake has a black or dark brown body with white or yellowish rings. Some specimens are very striking and have high-contrast scales. A few individuals have stripes running down their length, or broken white splotches instead of rings. Like black rat snakes, California king snakes vibrate their tails when disturbed. They may also roll into a ball and hiss loudly. This snake eats a wide variety of prey, including rodents, amphibians, birds, insects and other snakes.
The California kingsnake is a nonvenomous colubrid snake endemic to the western United States and northern Mexico. It is a relatively small subspecies of the common kingsnake and is naturally found in a wide variety of habitats.

AA: These 2 days I encountered many sick from poisoning. yesterday's vision was rattle snake poisoning n today's vegetarian food poisoning from a temple in Taiwan

BB: Oh

AA: Hehe! real busy :)

BB: Rattle snake's poison is super dangerous

AA: Yup. But not from its bite but some how got mixed into food. so many affected. N the left side of their necks became swollen.

One of the victims of Taiwan temple food poisoning vomited the food all over herself. ppl thought she died cos she sad unmoving for very long. I wipe away the vomitus n check her wrist for pulse. she has weak but still detectable pulse. :)

somehow my touch woke her n she smile weakly,  got up n went next door n swallow down a piece of freshly baked crispy pizza n recovered further. she brought a piece of pizza to offer to me :)

I told the onlookers that she is Ying cold n hot pizza seem to be good for her

BB: oh omg

AA: weird dreams

BB: yes hor
busy dreams :)

AA: my sleep time seem to be channeled to WORK

BB: like GM

AA: and the patient's face also vivid n I can still remember upon waking

BB: :)

AA: and one of the victims is a relative who is on good terms with me n she would send well wishes on festive season.

BB: so this is not a dream, actually

AA: dream or not, doesn't matter lol
and I somehow use Qi energy to heal too

BB: yes

AA: By touching them or by beaming light into them from my 3rd eye chakra :)
Hehe! my Touch seems to heal!

BB: qi and light, the particles of the universe

AA: Ya. it's drawing n transferring only hor :) :) :)

sounds so natural too
Still need good basics of 9 cycle breathing though
Remember YS told u that u must touch incense sticks to Mala (String of beads for chanting purposes) before offering into fire?
N u said u transfer light into them to purify n then offer

BB: oh ya ya
yes, because i read the qi literature, the chinese master said that it's like a quicksilver

AA: U can't do so yet, BUT your sincerity might convince GM to complete the task for u!

BB: so you can feel the movement
yes, i do understand because i can't feel the movement yet

AA: so a true yogi as a root guru is necessary!

BB: this is why the master said that you can hit a person from a distance, but it you do it directly, the target will surely burst with blood

AA: how lucky u have GM Lu

BB: (palms together & bowing in thanks)

AA: Not true! a master with boddhicitta will not harm. he can immobilized or "disarm" someone who intends to cause harm to others

BB: yes i know, but i kinda get his theory about the movement
he can feel it like a flowing mercury around his body and direct it to whatever place he wants
although his application may not be correct

AA: a true master knows how much strength to apply n universal energy won't seriously hurt too

BB: he was a police in the chinese station department something
he practises everyday, but he doesn't use the dharma
that's why his application is impaired

AA: so when we read or hear about causing harm then this master is bluffing

BB: he's only cultivating the body
at that point i realise that he may live a healthy life, but not necessarily understand dharma

AA: Like that article from GM about a master that can cause death by getting angry at someone. this master enters Mara's den n not Buddha's.

BB: (palms together)  yes hor

AA: the Lama in wondrous power of chi combined dharma n cultivation n heals with Qi

BB: yes, i remember that from your sharing

AA: so we must always practice buddha dharma

BB: (palms together)
i remember when that master said, cultivating daily and to open the lower heaven gate, the practitioner shouldn't leak for 3 years
and upper heaven gate takes even longer period
i was like wow, who in the modern era has that discipline lol

AA: the daily cultivation actually helps one in having pure body speech mind hopefully for the duration of cultivation session :)
[ I shared that with WS, when he visited me last year.]

BB: yes hor
and it's very mysterious, i read in the meditation expert blog

AA: Still up to the individual to be focus or not

BB: the writer said that the breathing and meditation help clear the bad qi
bad qi has accummulated from pas lives and forms habits
so after all the 9-step breathing is precious
yet not everyone may necessarily understand that

AA: U r one lucky person with affinity that reads n remember.
BUT sadly don't put to use

BB: (smile)

AA: well, CC put up a show when doing 9 cycle breathing
She didn't realized that one can light up when doing it sincerely. even if can't open central channel

BB: oh
it's lucky that GM sends you to us

AA: again the focus on One! this focus is a period when one's mind is pure n no vikalpa

BB: you can clarify things that we don't know about

AA: That's why I try to keep group small
has DD register for jkt event?

BB: not yet
i also periodically check the PKV email to check with the registration, and no new emails from him yet
EE last week asked about the sponsor

AA: Tell him if he can't attend, he can get some fragrance n Baju n I bless them so he can use as armour protection

BB: ok

AA: But he must at least sponsor event lol

BB: ok

AA: as for EE, as long as he wants to register, just help him.

BB: yes hor

AA: But no wenshi in the guise of having tea with me :)
EE really read our blogs

BB: but the tix is from the money of people, so EE has to make good use of his presence

AA: Ya. he has to return in kind like dedicating merits back to sponsors or directing his funds to charity for sentient beings
so sponsoring our events is a good channel as we are out to do offering on behalf of all n requesting blessing for all
for those that think we are out to make money, too bad lol. best they stay away from us, then we more time to play

O! The black & white snake turned into a staff with its head up and rattle tail down, touching the ground. 
Somehow, it died in penance for all the suffering caused to many.

Weird dream?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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