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你能真的帮忙吗?Can you really help?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Sungguhkah kamu mampu menolong?

Quoting from Lotuschef in Bodhicitta:

From email archive:

[--- fashi dear,

AA's dad got a hernia protrusion and needs operation. while the cost of surgery is quite expensive, is there any way that it can be helped with talisman or something?

they are catholic family and don't believe in mantra, fengshui and such.
the mom last time got a severe osteoporosis and i remember that GM has the talisman to cure it, unfortunately he doesn't believe in talisman, so i couldn't help with requesting to GM hahaha.

any way we can help him perhaps?

cheers. ---]

Case A:

AA: I have a friend that tried many times to have a baby through artificial method, but never succeed.
She is a Catholic and she said she feels that the unsuccessful attempts is like killing lives and she will try one last time and stop.
Fashi, can we help her?

Case B:
BB: I have a friend that can't get pregnant, and I advised her to chant Gao Wang Sutra. I don't think she is chanting though.
Fashi, Can we do anything to help her?

Dear all, the cases above and the one shared are pretty similar! :)

The subjects are of Catholic Faith or a non-believer!
This is a category that Buddha can't help!

Why do people think that I can help or GM Lu also can help these people at all?

I remembered requesting for help for a fellow student's friend, whose wife is in labour and the doctors said that they might loss the mother and the child too! 

The wife was saved but the unborn fetus was lost.

The husband turned angry and blamed us for not being able to help save his baby!

Dear all, One's karma determines One's fate and shouldn't blame others.

Offering Help?

Please don't do so when you do not fully know what you are offering!

Now, VM LH is famous for giving lots of "homework" and to be completed in a certain time frame, like chanting 1000 rounds of 100 syllables mantra in 3 days....

Now, Buddha's teachings all to help leave suffering to attain happiness.
Copious homework will not help one attain happiness, agree?

AND, she failed to really help anyone by prescribing tons of "homework" but somehow Omitted the important points like "Mudra, Visualisation & Mantra"!

GM Lu said that a true VM is one that had experienced & knows what they are sharing!

Sharing sutra materials and leaving the subject to chant or not, is not really helping at all.

For those who wants children, the True Buddha Sutra is the one to recommend though. 
There is a statement in this sutra that states : 求子得子,求女得女.....
[Request for son, get son; request for daughter, get daughter ......]

BUT, other factors also should be considered if success is to be obtained.

All Buddha Dharma fundamentals!

Dear all, when you attempt to offer help, please consider these:-
  1. Do you really know how to offer the relevant help?
  2. Did you consider that you are also putting your guru's reputation on the line?
When your so-called help didn't work, your guru will be blamed for being not effective, have you consider this point?

You also put me into the same situation when you alleged that I was the one that offer the help or advice.

The "I asked GM Lu for you..." or "I asked Fashi for you...." are the same, and will mislead others into concluding that your "help" is that of your Guru or Fashi!

A student asked me: Fashi, why that Fashi do things that way....?

My reply was: I don't know and do not wish to comment, because you will then go and spread the words that LC fashi said that Fashi is wrong......

I order to help others, you need the relevant knowledge and cultivation successes!

Don't prescribe anything that you yourself have yet to achieve yogic response and union!

It is better to not help then offer ineffective aid!

Please do not include me or GM Lu in any of your so called "well intent help" too! :)

If the subject that needs help will make sincere efforts to seek me out, I will then assess each one thoroughly.
So do not come and say: Fashi, I am asking for help for a friend....... and the friend is a Catholic.....

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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