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無量 Infinite? - Jealousy 妒忌 [2]


These flowers are made from leaves wrappings of corn cobs. 

[Topic is about the corn leaves flowers that BB bought!]
AA: for the leaves to absorb color, dyeing is best, cos they put the leaves into the warm dyeing lotion
needs to be warm then the leaves will take the color
thats why the color is so evenly into the leaves

BB: yes, they used dye because the colour is soft
wah you know this kind of knowledge too

AA: hehe!
I am a very curious kid lol
I am good in handicraft but not painting landscapes n portraits
abstract art is my cup of tea. I am too creative

BB: i also bad at painting, i didn't study that subject seriously

AA: u see pure karma's offering, real creative right? hehe! although idea is mine but u do most of the work! :)

BB: (palms togther)

AA: but you seem to do so happily too! hehe! U really enjoy the creation too
look at the latest lots of gowns with layers! fantastic lol
luckily we 2 didn't decide to rob a bank! :) :) :)

BB: lol i told my friend, if i were to stay catholic, i'd go to vatican and help the sisters there renovating the statues and silk paintings in the basilica :) :) :)

AA: u don't need to be catholic to do that la
u can go do them astrally lol :)

BB: oh wow, what an idea!!!

AA: I was pondering on a topic; Dharma do not have Fixed dharma (法无定法)

BB: yes
as methods will be responsive as per the faced situations

AA: and people have threatened n penalised many thru the centuries alleging that they stole dharma!
then the 6 ears monkey site alleged that GM stole or copy others n the dharma that he shared all not his own!
same accusation from core against many others that they want to get rid of too

BB: oh lol this afternoon CC messaged me

AA: but the one that use the stealing dharma to punished others, is the one that sadly shows the whole world that he knows nothing about Authentic or True buddha dharma

BB: CH messaged her
he asked CC whether she's close to you
she showed me the screenshot and i saw that CH also belongs to the people who think that you can't take the delisting from core
and keeps on shooting missiles to them

AA: poor CH still don't understand that cultivation is a personal matter n nothing to do with others. Its root guru n self only.

BB: i told CC, CH has followed master samantha for so many years but where is his deep analytical thinking

AA: hahaha! fools' n idiots' sights are like a frog at the bottom of a well!

BB: he believes that you think that GM has not delisted you
lol of course, GM really never forsakes anyone
yes, poor CH, where has he been all this time

AA: does it matter whether I am a reverend in anyone's eyes?

BB: exactly
CH, you still owed fashi ~ i told CC  hahahaha
we both laughed

AA: I am still sharing authentic buddha dharma despite what core n others think n act out

BB: yes hor
amitohud tak boleh tahan :) :) :)

AA: the delisting is actually good in a sense that they help to keep most ignorants n fools away from me n so I no need to waste time with them
has core really harmed me?

BB: it's true, some kind of filter
GM's guru also did that too

AA: has anyone stop me from cultivating and caused me to talk rubbish instead of sharing depth in dharma knowhow?
has anyone shared how to merge into avatamsaka world or true buddha world or articles written by gm?

BB: (palms together)

AA: who ever think of or dare to share Yoga with anything or anyplace
except GM n his merging into the mountain, the lake, the giant land n the dwarf land

BB: yes

AA: anything is possible if one has the key!
like the DD, I really don't want to spend time with him
so I brought up that I am delisted...

BB: oh no news from him

AA: better that he stay away.
people has to be sincere in learning some basics then we shall see lol
to teach them or not is my choice
from the body speech mind, i will then decide to teach them or not

BB: (palms together)
yes, you reserve the right

AA: so core actually did me a good service with the delisting
the wise ones will know to come n learn from me

what has it to do with CH who CC chooses to learn from?
samantha is the one who rings the bell around the lake for more than 4 hours!

BB: yes
ah, CH is too free to mind others' businesses
like GM said, when one has a radiant and clear seeing, everything will be different

AA: not really. he just wants to be big brother n show of how clever he is

BB: yes, i got that impression when i was introduced to him long time ago

AA: he that adulates the fire team, can't really achieve anything lol

BB: ahahahaha reminded me of CH crying and asking fire why he broke up with his girlfriend, like omg CH, act like an adult please

AA: GM said very clearly once in seattle rainbow villa that you do not need to admire the person called lu sheng yan, but you need to learn from him all that can help you cultivate well
[I do remember what GM Lu shared, agree? :) ]

BB: what did it have to do with asking fire
yes, true!

AA: ya. he can't even manage his own love affairs!!!
so, just learn the necessary n not follow blindly with no wisdom at all

BB: it becomes clear that one has to steer his/her own destiny

AA: If CC dont come join us, we also continue to have fun cultivating
he attempts to influence CC's mind n action too

BB: yes, she said she wasn't sure about joining, since the end of march is the last date to submit tax report
CC said that she would register first

AA: she should have done monthly reports n then summarise them for submission.
thats why the MYOB is good, it gives very detailed reports n also manages multi-currencies too

AA: and in Sg, ever since the GST thingy, quarterly reports are to be submitted without fail within 30days of closing quarter

AA: actually accounts should be left to the professionals

BB: :)

AA: i am wondering why you don't run away

BB: i also don't know why :)

AA: Hehe hahaha
I am such a naughty old lady too

BB: The Messenger!
oh just like St. Joan d'Arc, the messenger
the court of the kingdom and the church wanted to get rid of her
they were so jealous of her lol

AA: only to those that understand the MESSAGE
did core managed to get rid of me or even silenced me :) :) :)
poor fools still trapped n strangulating themselves in sentient matters n cravings

BB: the power of habit is obviously not easy to get rid of
it's funny, i read that habit can't be corrected via positive thinking and restraint
it has to be via meditation

some things start to make sense

AA: Ya. enlightenment? it's also a very personal thing n state of mind
BB: jealousy and wanting power, i also don't have any idea how they will manage to control it

AA: Not our problem :)

BB: yes
very personal
because one feels and lives it oneself

AA: CH must be hearing from sensitive parties in shimu's camp about my detailed description of untruths n claims by shimu
pointing out the truth is also not popular lol

BB: :)

AA: These (corn leaves) are drying well too
All u need is to prepare the lotus n offering for the altar
and any nice stuff u want to offer
[Drying in the Sun - orange peels and shredded corn leaves]

BB: Okies :) (palms together)

AA: is the new colored incense papers all with you already?
[Hahaha! we printed new incense paper in 5 colors!]

BB: yes

A non-virtue or negative emotion that harms you deeply! 

Watch the Korean Drama - Witch Castle?
Jealousy led to great heinous deeds of harming and murder! 

The character, Hee Jae, is a great actress and her portrayal of Great Aversions is very very real! 

THINK: is being constantly in that state of mind, good or healthy for this actress?

Ah! Think on!

Remember the reverend that told me that some of those masters that had achieved Phowa Dharma, came and disturb her when she is sleeping?

I asked her: What have you got that these masters that had cultivated well to achieved Phowa Dharma bother to make the effort or trip to come disturb you?


Jealousy arises from greed or cravings or desires of Sentient Materials that others have but you yourself don't! 

CH? Hahaha!
He emailed me a photo of himself one morning, asking for help because he is not feeling well! :)
He wants me to read his aura and give him HELP!

AND, when GM visits Karawaci, he asked me to look at his current girlfriend and see whether she is suitable mate for him!!! Hahaha!

Dear all, 
CH, like many, belongs to those that are locked by external forms and chasing their own mirages, BUT neglect the most important fact that they should be Listening Only to their very own Root Guru and no one else! :)

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to personnels of TBS admin or Core once again, for your delisting and slandering actions! 


Please Remember that Cultivation Depends Solely on Self's Diligent Effort and Guidances from your very own Root Guru!

When anyone try to lie or bluff you with Untruths, do have some wisdom to discern and protect yourself!

Do not let Jealousy cloud your whole mind and lead you into Vajra Hell! 

When GM Lu had shared the qualifications of a Dakini, why do you choose to ignore his statements and believe someone else? :)

If [Pointing Out] is not acceptable from me, then please go listen to your own Root Guru or all lineage gurus or the divinities!

Steer clear of Mortals with Minds yet to be Developed!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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