Monday, March 7, 2016

写在脸上兵法文 Art of War Script Written Across a Face [2]

[07/03 11:14] Lotuschef : M, I had a weird dream. there's a army deployment script written on your face starting from the left side of your head just behind left ear to the right side also behind the right ear line.
[07/03 11:17] M: Hmm, weird. What does that mean?
[07/03 11:18] M: I also had a weird dream I forgot to tell you about.
[07/03 11:18] Lotuschef : and written by 2 persons during Qing dynasty. name of the one on top has a 上 between 水 instead of the centre stroke. the other is 梁 _ 赏 :)
[07/03 11:20] Lotuschef : and the words 四分天下 a comment from someone reading this script
[07/03 12:07] M: Whoa. So vivid :)
[07/03 12:07] Lotuschef : Yup.
[07/03 12:07] M: Did you manage to read the whole thing?
[07/03 12:07] Lotuschef : somewhere in your brain
[07/03 12:08] M: What does it mean? I killed a lot of innocent people??
[07/03 12:08] Lotuschef : nope. just that you n someone wrote this art of war script
[07/03 12:10] M: If I was able to write that script it probably means I could have been responsible for some of those awful things... (icon of sad expression)
[07/03 12:10] M: :) and I was a man in one of my past lives
[07/03 12:10] M : Interesting
[07/03 12:10] Lotuschef : Like those cultivation secrets that are written on skins, tree barks or embedded into subconscient
[07/03 12:11] Lotuschef : you are the one with the weird surname n I think a female
[07/03 12:12] M: Huh? Female scholar? So rare for that long ago.
[07/03 12:13] Lotuschef : That's Qing dynasty lol in 1616 to 1912
[07/03 12:13] Lotuschef : I am doing research
[07/03 12:13] Lotuschef : Can't find that surname though
[07/03 12:14] M: My turn!
[07/03 12:14] Lotuschef : and can't find any war book authors from Qing period with 梁 surname too
[07/03 12:14] M: I had a dream the other night - I was helping to look after this old lady
[07/03 12:15] M: Maybe it's not war
[07/03 12:15] M: Maybe it's trade
[07/03 12:15] M: Business you know? Shipping or opium...
[07/03 12:15] Lotuschef : Maybe not publicized
[07/03 12:16] Lotuschef : It's very orderly n itemized
[07/03 12:16] Marisa: :) yes. China still has a lot of secrets....
[07/03 12:16] Lotuschef : Hehe!
[07/03 12:17] Lotuschef : it was shared amongst friends like they having a literary gathering
[07/03 12:17] Lotuschef : your turn
[07/03 12:18] M: Mine maybe not as prophetic as yours, but here goes:
[07/03 12:18] M: I had a dream the other night - I was helping to look after this old lady
[07/03 12:18] M: Old 鬼佬 lady
[07/03 12:19] M: With short curly silvery white hair
[07/03 12:19] M: She was sitting in her chair in her kitchen and I was going to her fridge to get something for her
[07/03 12:20] M: Suddenly, she started having a stroke
[07/03 12:20] M: And it was a very fast stroke
[07/03 12:21] M: I could see it was happening and so I wanted to change direction, go to her side with some aspirin and then call an ambulance
[07/03 12:21] M: But when I turned, this wall of thick white smoke-energy blocked me, held me back so I couldn't reach her
[07/03 12:22] M: And I struggled and fought to try and get through, but this thing held me in my place
[07/03 12:22] M: And I was panicking more because I knew effectively it was making me watch her die.
[07/03 12:23] M: And E had to shake me awake because I had scared E awake cause I was actually screaming
[07/03 12:41] Lotuschef : Hehe! U too long didn't chant guru mantra liao. can't use your power
[07/03 12:46] M: Maybe. It didn't even occur to me to chant it. :)
[07/03 12:46] M: Cause this activated my medical brain only.
[07/03 12:46] M: Maybe it's to teach me I have to do both....
[07/03 12:49] Lotuschef : Yup. and u might find that you can beam light energy into her to halt the stroke from worsening or even revert the stroke :)
[07/03 12:51] Marisa: Ok. Lesson learnt :)

Dear all, 
remember that Cultivation must be regular and with due diligence.
GM Lu said must practice daily!

Remember the [Power of Mantra] series of articles shared in this blogspot?

If you practice or cultivate regularly or chant Guru's mantra daily, you will not be hindered in anyway in any emergencies!

Need to constantly maintain!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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