Friday, April 11, 2014

Lotuschef in Chat - Possess All Beneath The SKY! 拥有天下!

Friday 6:49 PM
LQ : Fashi, can still add lotus?

LL : For who?

LQ:C2's.sister pregnant suddenly hospitalized

LL: Do self n karmic?

LQ : she just bbm me
Can add 2 for her
oh, she just replied
not a big problem, hospitalized just as precautious act
yes pls, 2 lotuses

LL: Ok.

LQ : self and karmic

LL : Tell her do the 7 pairs at $140.
This year she clash taisui as well as her babies!
Non members pay $15/- for each lotus

LQ : she is jobless atm will just do 1 pair
i will email the details

LL: Ask sister to do charity la. Do karmic also the person herself need to do good as well to be effective

LQ : okay, I will tell her.

LL : KY & EN do liao also not much help.
Both only think to include what they think important in lotus offering n MAXIMIZE RETURNS!

Purpose? Hahaha! Not important to both at all. 

LQ : yep, true must be the person himself to be sincere not greedy

LL: If C2  pays n sister don't know then don't do la. The sister must pay lol.
Can sponsor fire puja any amount above $10/- also. But Self must do

I am going to be strict on registration. Don't want to be label a religious cheat when not effective! Hahaha! Spoil my REPUTATION! :)

LQ : so best dun do?
now our C2 is confused lol
better confirm with Fashi

LL : Hahaha!
If C2 pays n never tell her sister, then Sincerity is absent in the person seeking blessing for self n karmic.
No need to be confused.

I am not money grabbing VMs n Core!
$ won't do.
Tell LG go explain to C2 la.

LQ : hahhaha

LL : In emergency can do but the person asking for blessing must know n pay for the relevant

LQ : ok, I suggest her not to do, rather than she's confused till cannot sleep lol
but if very emergency, then we try our best to help

LL : Actually I am hatching an article about Possessing the world or all beneath the Sky versus being owner of all above the Sky!
Hehe! Many said I am richest fashi in TBS!
I'm going to tell them what is the truth!

Truth is that I'm close to SZ in wealth! In being Master of Universe.

LQ : nah, C2 said just register it, so additional 2 lotuses ya Fashi

LL : So insincere registration is out!
No. LY almost completed the lotus liao. Tell her use sister's name to sponsor fire puja if want for this Saturday.

LQ : okay

LL : Any negative deed on my part detracts from my universal wealth!
Hahaha! Don't put me into any negative thingy please.
I explained liao so can't do if against the good of others n self.

Yo! LG, go explain.

LQ : okay, she will just sponsor SGD 10 for puja supplies on her sisters behalf ya

LL : Tell her must let sister know n if don't tell then don't do on behalf anymore.
Won't work if from C2.
Becomes C2 give charity to her sister n long run, sister owes lots of debts to C2 unknowingly.

LQ, understand?

LQ: yes Mam

LL : Good.

LQ: ok, so this time she will do it on her sister's behalf. she said is okay as her sister actually has helped her much too hahhah. but next time, her sister must do it herself
so confirm ya Fashi for the regist

LL : She must tell her sister what she is doing on behalf!
Just sponsor $10/- for fire puja only this time. No lotuses.

Dear all, many said that I am the Richest Fashi in TBS since February 2010, after knowing that I sponsored USD 2000 to print the 2 comic books that Lotus Yew Chung has complied! :)

This is on top of the Rumors that a VM spreads about my being very wealthy!!!


Hilarious lol!

Anyway, through these few years, many would have also noticed that my much talked about "Wealth" seems to go towards Charity in all forms and countries!

Hardly into the pockets of VMs and their schemes!!!

Even SZ supports me in telling all that Giving to Charity in His Name is same as giving him Offering Respectfully!

Since SZ starts sharing Maha Perfection and I the Avatamsaka Sutra's goodnesses, I can clarify the point about MY WEALTH! :)

Most people and those in TBS, thinks of owning the world or in Chinese 天下, which literally means All Beneath the Sky!

Sakyamuni Buddha said:  天上天下,惟我独尊! means Above and Below the Sky, I reign Supreme!

Understanding what is the Universe, and its Infinite proportions from the Avatamsaka Sutra or through Successful Cultivation of Maha Perfection, YOU won't be interested in Sentient Mindset of Owning All Beneath the Sky!!!

What has Registering & paying for Blessing Dedication to do with Possessing the Universe?


In Tantrayana & at Maha Perfection, YOU ARE A BUDDHA!

Therefore, YOU can do the necessary by Cultivation and Beaming Light Blessing on anyone you so choose!

[[ LJ: Hi Fashi,

Just now after meditation it given me an idea of getting an additional lotus for all sentient beings (众生) during fire puja. So that they also have a chance to make their offer to fo pu sa..

Can this be done? If can, can I start this Sat or next Sat?

Normally during Fire Puja, I will just ask them to join me when I m making the offer. Now I am thinking to get them a lotus so that they can do their own offering.
 Cheers :)

I have one each for all spirits,  all earth gods, all city gods.
As to sentient beings? 
Just visualize all by our sides can liao. 
Don't make life too complicated.  :)
How do they do offering? 
I helped all do la. 
Visualization lol
LJ : Lol.. Ok ok.. Will just stick to my current visualization :) ]]

In the above, LJ is in fact going backwards in Creating Form!
With Visualization, I did Offering to SZ and All Divinities on Behalf of those that Can't Attend in person or the Invisible beings!

Similarly, Helps those present to do the same with Visualization!

In Maha Perfection Dharma's perspective, YOU include ALL with you in Cultivation!

This is what SZ's version of Four Immeasurable Visualization is All About, at the Beginning of Each Cultivation Session!

All Is One & One Represents ALL!

This Way, YOU are Owner of the Whole Universe!

Who can match you in Wealth?


Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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