Friday, April 11, 2014

Lotuschef in Chat - The 10 States of Mind 十种心

Wed, 6:15 PM
LG: fashi dear, i will sponsor SGD 20 for the bardo deliverance of the recent accident
i will transfer IDR 200,000 to PK's account

I hope all will learn to be charitable when they have the resources!

LG: not much but happy to be able to help the unfortunate ones
ya. lets see who else will response.
actually I am ok with $2; $5; $10:... as long as your resources permit. those have more can give more

only those have more. don't know how to give or share most of the time

LQ: i will chip in Sgd 10 for the accident bardo too, wah how come the.motorcyclist also kena? very fatal the cab

LL: ya. Life is never predictable lol!
One moment only can lost life
the cars also so badly damaged. what more Human flesh!

Friday 2:18 PM
LL: Wow! Nino, u did the latest translation very fast! Like it?:-)

LG: because 3 days ago i was reading the 10 states of mind by kobo daishi
as emulated by GM

he said that a medium can invoke spirits according to his habit
if he loves food and sex, the spirit to come will be those from animal realm

and so on.... voila you wrote about it too

LL: Hahaha! Telepathy? :)

Share the article u read can?

LG: it made me realise that it ain't easy to invoke the holy divinities
got the english ones as well
will send them to you

LL: I have the same churning in my mind since SZ's speech

LG: from the Achievement of Rainbow Body, vol.1

LL: Ya. Yoga n raise spirit is totally different

O! I dug up this volume 1, last week n set aside to read! Hahaha! Coincidence!

LL : By my bedside! Hehe!

LG: lol scary concidence
sent the english ones to your email

it's great you have the book, so you can crosscheck with your own translation

LL: I found the 10 types of heart or mind.
Starts with heart of animal

LG: yep, that's the one

LL : I did quite a few articles from this book already

LG: this is very good to clarify those who loves "mystic power"

LL: There's one in chapter 55 entitled only need sincere heart too.
SZ is a well of goodies.
LG : yes, a true source of expositions

LL: That's why core n LN don't have inkling of what great loss to all if they succeeded to force SZ to retire

Will share them over the next few days :)

LG: you must have plenty of examples and further elaboration from each state :)
awaiting for the publication :)

LL : He he! Nah! I will post each one n see if I have anything to add from my experiences ☺

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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