Wednesday, April 9, 2014

View from More than One Angle - A Fatal Accident

Photo above was captured at about 1:40 pm.

Looks like a 3-vehicles collision.

The actual picture is a 5-vehicles collision with One Fatality, a motor-cyclist.

The forum seems to notice that all vehicles are red in color or shades of red.

Red to the Chinese considered by Tradition as Auspicious!

When did it become Fatal?

However, Don't rush to save a minute and lost a Lifetime!

Even though Forensics will find the one or ones at fault, A Life is Lost!

Dear all,
From the angle I captured the Accident scene, only 3 vehicles are involved!
However, the actual fact is that there are 5 vehicles involved and a fatality!

From the 8 Fold Noble Path, Rigth View, is not just what you See with your naked eyes, agree?

Hahaha! Back to Marko Yassin who lectured Francesca Poon, on Facebook about "Ehipasikko"!
Can a layperson trust what He/She sees & feels, given the above Scenario?
Definitely No!

[[ Marko Yassin
sdr ku fransesca kalau yg nama karma itu tetaplah karma.. benih baik akan membuahkan karma baik dan sebaliknya venih buruk akan membuahkan karma buruk! janganlah kita tersesat oleh ajaran2 yg tidak jelas!
ingat Ehipasikko : percayalah dgn apa yg kamu lihat dab rasakan. berpeganglah pada kitab suci Tripitakan dan ajaran Triratna yg sesungguhnya. Maaf klo ada kata yg menyinggung. Namo Amitabha _()_

Francesca Poon, my dear sister, the so called karma is still a karma! If one sows a good seed, one shall grow a good karma; and the otherwise, the bad karma growing the bad one accordingly! So we shouldn't go astray with a wrong teaching!
Remember the Ehipasikko: trusting what you see and feel, abiding by the Tripitaka and the true teachings of the Triple Gems. Please forgive me if I may have offended you somehow. Nami Amitabha _()_]]

My point is that we have to use all of the 8 Fold Noble Path to SEE & FEEL!

Pure Karma will sponsor a free Bardo for the victim of the above accident, on 26th April 2014. 
All sponsorship welcome. 
Closing date for sponsorship: 24th April 2014 @12noon. 
Please contact

[[四月 Saturday, Sabtu — April 26, 2014
6:30 PM (Singapore time, Waktu Singapura)
Fire Puja Event 火供法会 Puja Api Homa
Guru Padmakumara 大白莲花童子 + Ksitigarbha Raja 地藏王普薩 + Prithvi 堅牢地神
Notes (Catatan):
Offerings for ancestors are available for this session.
Tersedia paket persembahan untuk leluhur di sesi ini.]]

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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