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Lotuschef in Chat – Managing Light?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Lotuschef Bercakap-cakap – Mengendalikan Sinar?

In recent speech, SZ said that Prajna Light Orbs have 5 colors within them.
Look at the various light orbs shown above carefully, please.

Remember SZ said that the Prajna light orbs just entered him, One by One?
These are Divinities merging with SZ or Yoga with SZ. :)

When you have the Relevant Foundation, Yoga with Yidam/Yidams is So Simple!

One Thought and they Yoga with you!
Or They just choose to Yoga with you whenever Your Affinity or Chakras are opened!

Before this Wonderful Automatic Yoga Process, You need to build the Relevant Affinity though.

Can you Breathe in Fully or Completely and HOLD One Breath, shutting all outlets, at the same time Spread this One Breath (Light Energy) all over your body and THEN Open all pores in your body and Expel this Breath or Light to Share with All?

Lights that a Yogi sees, can be powered by Solar or electrical or other forms of energy.
It can also be projected by the Yogi onto objects or subjects, lighting them up!

In SZ's article, Appearance of Pure Light 净光出现, published in Rainbow Body Attainment book 3; Light is generated each time One meditate properly.

This cultivator eventually able to generate Pure Light to project onto Objects or Subjects for various purposes.

SZ transmit Light through ropes tied to the Abhiseka Banners to give Abhiseka during events.
He also does that when he "Moding" - Touches Heads; to give blessing to students.

SZ said Thubten Ksiti can read very accurate auras or fates of Subjects from photographs and also just by looking at the Live Subjects too.

Last week, he said can see those "invisible" followings of each person and can know the Fate of this person.
Also can read whether this person really cultivate properly or not. :)

A word of Caution to those that seek out Mediums; Fortune Tellers; Fengshui Masters; ... etc. 
Most of these masters are playing with Spirits or Ghosts!
As per SZ, these people's accuracy is dependent on the Level of the Spirits that come forward to answer questions!

It means the Energy Level of Spirits! 

In recent article, Ro is one that practices Raise Spirtis  起灵!
Sw said those attending Ro's meditation session moves about and he feels uneasy.

I have seen this too in many during cultivation session at chapters all over.

Dear all, Meditation or Samadhi is a Stage whereby you "loose" Self but Not Self Control! 

One should feel recharged after each Meditation or Samadhi session & Not Exhausted from prancing around, or rolling on the floor, or dancing around with eyes shut!

A VM in Taiwan, always does this Raise Spirit thingy for followers after cultivation sessions.
Yes! I have witness the senseless movements of those at limbo after drinking a cup of water, that this VM chanted into.

His altars are all Fully Occupied with Spirits!

A fashi was very frustrated when after the second cup of "Special" water, he still can't "Raise Spirit" and join in the "FUN" with others!

Another fashi was busy dancing away, completely loosing Self Control!
SZ promoted this one to VM, and I figured that this is to save him from loosing his way to Nirvana!

The recent VMs promotion?

Likewise, some are given the VM titles to save them or keep them away from HARM!

Following some Titled fellow students can be Harmful to your Attainment of Nirvana but beneficial to Sentient Titles & Glory that Sentient Minds crave & chase.

Understand what is True Meditation First, before you get misled and harm yourself irreversibly!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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