Saturday, August 2, 2014

Forms 相

Look carefully at all the above photos.
GM was showing me 圆满如佛 Rounded Perfection as a Buddha.
This comes about from his questioning the Ambassador on when he can see Light.
GM also asked Lian Wang whether he still can see Light.

Lets deviate a little first.
We see lots of statues, have you truly spent time to have a good and closer look? :)

Some statues give you very good feel of being cared-for; secured; and there is warmth, comfort, peace, serenity, joy,..... too.

Recently, I brought up someone's facial features.
I said that he has a pretty auspicious look.
However. as a monk, if he is not abiding Precepts & Disciplines, and also has lots of misdeed that harm anyone, his auspiciousness will disappear.
If his cheek-bones protrude vertically or his features "sharpened" lengthwise, he will be like skin wrapped over Skull-bone.

Yes! One's fate can change for the better or worse, dependent on One's Deeds, generated from One's own Body Speech Mind! :)

Likewise, those that seems to have been successful in cultivation, with sighting of Lights & Divinities or other forms of Astral abilities; The same Rules apply too.

One must abide Precepts & Disciplines and only cultivate to continuously benefit all beings!

GM is very compassionate when he asked the Ambassador in what situation he can see lights.

The answer was when he has completed Treasure Vase Qi Practice Twice.

GM said One can also do 9-steps breathing practice to see lights.

[Why did GM asked these questions? :) Thats another interesting topic too.]

You want Keys?

Its all in GM speeches if you Have the Relevant Affinity to Locate them! :)

Now go look at the 2 little living buddhas and all those who claimed they have cultivated to High Levels and can this & that too; see any similarities?

Statues also can gives positive or negative feel too!

Remember that All matters are also subjected to the Impermanence Rule! 

Students that have reached Level 4 Zen Meditation, also can drop into Hell with One Evil Thought!


Best Stay Firm & Truly Renounce As much sentient materials as possible, don't get "kick" into Hell!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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