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GM Came Visiting 师尊到来探访

Terjemahan Bahasa: Mahaguru Datang Berkunjung

GM came in a cab with a few kids.
The kids were playing a board game inside the cab and were happy and noisy. :)

GM walked round and bless everyone in the sitting room as well as the dining room.
This is the house of my parents that is a 3-storey corner terrace, with a total of 7 bedrooms on the second and third levels. The land area is about 3400 sq. feet & the built in area about 5000 sq. feet.

All my siblings and cousins and domestic helpers were at home.

After blessing my elder brother, GM then blesses my youngest brother who kneels down to pay homage to him (he took refuge 2 years ago on a visit home as he has settled in USA).

Then GM looked at me who was standing beside him all the time.
He smiled and spoke into my mind: No need to tell me, I hear all you say. Carry on.

We do sometimes forget that GM is a Buddha and attempt to tell him the problem of the Individual in front of him! :)

Taiwan Temple, April 2013.
VM Lian Wang & Lian Yue approached me with the help of Lian Xing (star), the self-proclaimed spy of VM Lian Ning.
Both of them have some shortage of Qi energy problem.

Seattle Rainbow Temple, August 2013
VM Lian Wang & Lian He (Brazil) approached me after the event.
This time, Lian Wang has a dull aura and his eyes & body language told their own stories!

Go watch the following and you will get the answers of Body language!

In Tantrayana, Mind Training also includes "Gathering Data" through Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell & Feel!
A Cultivator has to process or analyse these Data Gathered in order to Apply the Relevant Dharma or Method for the Benefit of All or the Individual Sentient Being that Needed "Help"!

VM Lian Wang was the one on the 'war-path', while VM Lian He was just standing there as he hardly volunteer any comment.

Not long after this incident, GM said one day during Dharma Speech aired Live world-wide: Lian Wang said he encountered "Cloudless Fine Sky" and was frightened and panic.

GM explained that "Cloudless Fine Sky" is actually the Universal Void or Imaginary/Illusionary Void, a scenario all cultivators aim to "arrive at"!

Recently when asking the ambassador in detail as to when he can see Light, GM also asked VM Lian Wang again "whether He can still see light during cultivation" as well.

Lian Wang's reply was : Yes.


Now interestingly, GM pointed out that Lian Wang changes his lama clothes once every THREE months!

Lets recap. :)
A fellow student asked me about keeping pets.
I refer him to GM's article regarding this matter.
GM said that the Animal Odour "Turns Divinities Off" and they won't grace this person's altar with their presence!

I have advised attendees of cultivation session that I lead, that they have to Purify Body to Enter the Altar or Shrine for Cultivation 净身入坛.
This is the very Basic requirement for all cultivators before starting to settle down to cultivate!
Hahaha! Don't look like many students know these though!

Then GM said this recent Sunday in Seattle, that a Pure Body is needed for all Divinities to "Enter" , resulting in One's body becoming the Mandala or Altar of the session's principle yidam and all associates. Pure Body as a Mandala or Pureland 净身如坛.

Please go read GM's article Appearance of Pure Light from Book 3 of Rainbow Body Attainment 虹光大成就 第三册 里面的 [净光出现]文章.

GM repeatedly stresses that Importance of Pure Body Speech Mind!

THINK: When you are under orders/or volunteered to carry out; and you want to show off to your perceived "superiors", you went ahead and all out to attempt to threaten and subjugate a fellow student or Dharma brother/sister, AT THIS MOMENT, ARE YOU PURE in BODY SPEECH MIND?

Answer: NO!

WHY? Buddha never approved any actions that will be detrimental to Anyone!

Hahaha! Of course, we need to look into whether these actions are Detrimental to others or only to the Individual who ignorantly carried out these actions, agree?

Let us help LW?

Why not!!!

Well, he needs to first recognise what went wrong.
Then he can start to make amends like apologise to affected parties.
Then he can do repentance sincerely, vowing Never to Repeat the same!
Failing which, he will be another that has his name Inscribed in Deep Hell, just like the One that GM mentioned in this recent weekend.

Hahaha! Frankly speaking, his name is not there Yet!
GM is compassionately trying to save him from such terrible fate, therefore brought him up for mention.
GM is not trying to embarrass anyone, when these people are mentioned!
The mentioned ones are either Role Models to emulate or Not emulate. :)

NOW, please don't point finger at me and pronounced that I talk bad about anyone!

My methods might not be palatable to you, but I am also trying to save you!

Believe or not, Truly Your own choice!

To those that were misled by your own Perceived Authority, my advise is to steer clear of them from this very instant!
You truly don't want to follow them to Vajra or Timeless Hell, do you?

Think: A person that has yet to Yoga with his own Root Guru, wielding "Power" that he deluded himself with, harming not only his dharma brothers but Self; can he go anywhere else but Timeless Hell?

Think: A person that hired "Black-magic" cast on his own Root Guru, intending to cause harm lethally, can he go anywhere else but Timeless Hell?

GM said that one student already has his named carved so firmly in Timeless Hell that really can't save him!

Do you want to join HIM?

Now be wise, look through what I have shared in this blog, am I helping you or harming you?

Think you will look me up for help?

For those that want to apologise to me, please apologise to Yourself first!
You didn't harm me but Yourself!
Also for those that were misled and attempted to harm me or slander me & etc. STOP NOW!
You also don't need to apologise to me, but your own self!

Karma is always One's own!

To do or not to do, all your choice!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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