Sunday, August 31, 2014

师尊赐予的机会 Chances Given By GM [4A]

Shown above: Screenshot of GM in Dharma Speech 30 August 2014, Seattle Temple.

Today's yidam: Bhaisajyaguru


GM mentioned VM Lian Ning as being [急躁]and he would keep walking in circles in an irritable state. 

急躁  jí zào   ㄐㄧˊ ㄗㄠˋ

浮躁 暴躁 躁急 烦躁 焦躁

沉着 平和 冷静 稳重


急躁 jízào

(1) [quick; irascible; irritable]∶ 碰到不称心的事情易于激动

(2) [impetuous; impatient; rash]∶想赶快达到目的, 不经仔细考虑或准备就行动

Hahaha! I was shown such a display by VM Lian Ning in person in Taiwan Temple after one of GM's event! :)

He rushed towards me and at the same time yelling repeatedly : 你是莲厨法师吗?[Are you Lianchu Fashi?

He seemed to be Oblivious of all the fellow students witnessing His Display of Mastery or Supremacy! :)

GM gave VM Lian Ning plenty of chances too!

Like asking all students to walk up to LN and remind him that "An enlightened one must be reasonable and can't not yell or shout to get his ways"!

I just recalled that in August 2010, during GM's visit to 童真堂 [Tong Zhen Chapter], LN rushed in and sat down in front of a fashi sitting on the floor beside me.
We were seated there from about 7am. and GM & entourage arrived at a little after 11am. 
Once seated, LN turned to his right and yelled at me. 
He ordered me to sit into the corner behind a pillar to make way.

I calmly stay put and ignored his yells!
As I have written before, should I remind LN in full sight of all students and GM, to remember that GM said that "An Enlightened One must be reasonable & not yell or shout to get his ways"?

O! He was darting murderous glances at me in 蓮丰堂 [Lian Feng Chapter] during GM's Dharma Speech and sending bad vibes too!

In GM's Full Presence!
Of course, his Emotions were too disturbed to care where he is and GM's presence meant nothing to him too!

What's his problem?
Pride & Ego, in which he must maintain as his External Facade!

Today, GM gave him yet another chance and softened the "blow" with he is improving now and less irritable now! :)

Well, I sincerely hope so! 

Am I Talking Bad about LN, now and in previous articles?

If you understand GM's sharings on Maha Perfection Dharma, you answer should be [No!].

Anyway, how you choose to look at other's point of view, including that of GM, is your personal choice which is a direct reflection of your Karmic Influences; Affinity with Buddha & Buddha Dharma; corresponding to your cultivation level of attainment too!

If GM were to keep quiet, and speak to LN privately, would he even bother to institute changes to his unwholesome habits?

GM's intention? 
To highlight and help not only LN but all with same habits & behavioural patterns, reflect and change for the better!

Cheers all 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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