Friday, August 29, 2014

师尊赐予的机会 Chances Given By GM [2]

The following are some photos by Lotus Henry - Oct 2010 Kalachakra event in Sydney, Australia.


Below: See how busy students were when passing under the Abhiseka Banners!!! :)

Now, let us recap from December 2008, Kalachakra event in Singapore. :)

GM said that receiving Kalachakra's Abhiseka, One is blessed and if One don't cultivate but maintain a charitable nature all through for SEVEN lifetimes, One will attain Buddhahood!

What a Grand Chance from GM Lu, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng, concur?


However, Looking at these people receiving such a fantastic Abhiseka, do they really have the Relevant Affinity for such a Grand Chance at this Fantastic Abhiseka and Blessing?

What are the Criteria that most of these people failed to meet?

Noticed that I use the word "people" and not "students"?

A student learn and practice what their Guru teaches!

People are those without spending time at Learning and Practicing what GM Lu teaches.


Well, this Abhiseka scenario is not limited to the above event only. We see them all the time at all GM Lu's events during Abhiseka!!!

GM Lu stresses 
1. Formation of Hand Mudra of Principle Yidam for the event
2. Visualisation of this Yidam as described
3. Chanting mantra of this Yidam

O! There are some that went under the Abhiseka Banners several times too! :)

Presence of Mind is what most lack, thus wasting the Chances that GM Lu gives to all, continuously!

If you go back and watch the Abhiseka scenes, even the VMs that were supposed to have learnt and be Role Models, also failed to show what One should do during Abhiseka!

That's why, GM said repeatedly during his Dharma speeches, that most VMs beside me (GM Lu) have yet to achieve Yoga with Me (GM Lu)!

The following is a random pick of video for Abhiseka at Rainbow Temple on 1 June 2014.
Go see how many truly Abide or Follow GM Lu's teachings!!! 


TIME with GM Lu, a Living Buddha, is Limited and thus should be Treasured as the very Essence of Cultivation, in this lifetime of yours.
When you failed to break free from Samara in this lifetime, in your next lifetime or visit to the Saha World, you might not have the relevant criteria or chances to be bless with a Guru that is a Living Buddha!

Have I made myself clear about: Why and when TIME is the Essence in Cultivation?

Don't waste Limited & Precious Time anymore! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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