Saturday, August 23, 2014

泥菩萨 Clay Figurine of Bodhisattva

Terjemahan Indonesia: Arca Bodhisattva dari Lempung

泥菩萨过江 nípúsà guòjiāng

[like a clay idol fording a river—hardly able to save oneself (let alone anyone else)]

迷信认为菩萨能解救苦难, 可是泥塑的泥菩萨在水中会被浸坏。 
喻指连自己都保护不了, 更顾不上救别人了。

I was doing Homework just now.
Reading Chapter 71 of Flower Adornment Sutra and posting them into blog to share.
Guess what?

Some "bodies" are threatening students with "penalties" if they attend or support Pure Karma's HK event!!!

What was my answer?

So pathetic that these "bodies" have nothing better to do, or lazy or reluctant to cultivate with diligence but Practice putting Fear & using Threats, Actions anathema to Buddha's teachings!!!

Like Clay-figurines, THEY can never save themselves from Continual Suffering of Samsara!

Seems GM's words fell on deaf ears again, with regards to these "bodies"! 


GM said: Cultivation depends solely on SELF!

Just recall that one such "bodies" has a face that is like a piece of bread fully soaked in water for some time!
His eyes, ears, nose, mouth, facial features, all disintegrated and his head is just like a piece of soaked sponge! 

I wrote about this aura from one of these "bodies" in this blog. :)

O! Cultivate until you have no more features does not mean you have succeeded in voiding your facial features!
WHY? The aura of this "sponge-face" has a kind of Rotting frequency with comes with foul smell!

When I saw this sponge-face, GM is on the same coach too!

I asked GM for the meaning of this aura too.

GM smiled and the message was: You will soon find out!

Hahaha! I actually encountered a few more with this type of aura.

Now Think:

Does a piece of bread has a Mind to think?
Eyes to see?
Ears to listen?
Mouth to communicate?
Facial expression to communicate?

This one is lacking a vital factor: A Brain!
Of course: A Living Shell too!

Similar to the Clay Idol, which also lacks these vitals!

When you can't save yourself, don't go create more negatives that you can't shoulder at all!

Nothing better to do?

Why don't you concentrate and form mudra, visualise Root Guru smiling at you, and chant Guru's mantra to block out All Unwholesome Thoughts that will lead you to Hell!

Remember that Pure Karma Helps those that Help themselves!

If you fear "penalties" from these "bodies", Please stay away from all Pure Karma functions!

You have yet to learn what is "Holding your destiny in your own hands!"

When GM endorsed any event, NO ONE can hinder it! 

Do you really know who GM is? 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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