Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Purify Body to Enter the Altar 净身入坛

If you missed the chance to clean self [take a bath; put on clean clothes; wash hands;...] before cultivation, when we Purify Offerings, I also taught students to use the Vajra Bell & Dorje to "give a cleansing bath" to all present [visible & invisible beings].

Each attendee is given a chance to do Purification too! :)

Spraying Fragrances that are Purified and Blessed is yet another chance of Purifying attendees!

Only when One is Pure, then One can Yoga!

Taiwan 2013
GM instructed me to "teach this one the 4 Preliminaries Practice".

This person, YY,  has a strong body odour of perspiration and the whole corridor and her room also filled with this pungent odour. She also lied about being able to do Treasure Vase Qi practice well and can yoga too! O! A student of 20+ years with GM too!

How to execute GM's instructions? :)

Trust GM though, when he gives you a task or assignment, he also ensures that you are well equipped to fulfil & complete this task fruitfully!

YY has since changed for the better!
She takes regular bath and changes her clothes frequently too!
The corridor and room in which she dwells in, has almost lost the pungent odour.

Why do I say YY lied about being able to achieve Treasure vase Qi practice well?
The criteria is what GM has already said many times!

Successful Invocation of Session's Yidam!

No yidam & also Root Guru will "come" to this place where there is a strong pungent odour prevailing constantly!

Taiwan 2014
YY dropped back to almost her "original" condition when I met her in 2013!

I discovered that she has been dishonest and also attempted to slander a fellow student by fabricating lies, distancing me from the student!
She also became a bosom buddy of Lian Ning's spy, the Lotus Star! :)

I also discovered many students believed her and "unfriend" this student too.

I do sometimes wonder, why people have so much time to "Fabricate"Lies and can't use their Time Fruitfully in sincere cultivation?

A Pure Body means Pure Body Speech Mind!

Without this Pure Body, entering any altar or shrine to pray, worship or cultivate is frivolous!

No! I am not being Harsh!

Just telling you all the Truth as It Is!

I have taught how to purify self in 3 ways before and during cultivation, so that One can enter altar or Samadhi proper!

1. Semblance of Cleansing - like wash hands

2. Purify with Light from Vajra Bell & Dorje

3. Purify with Purified & Blessed Fragrances

I don't think that attendees of my sessions truly realized what I am doing in helping them meet the Pure Body criteria though.


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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