Friday, August 29, 2014

Giving Abhiseka 给予灌顶

Above: Screen-shot from 24-8-2014 Maha Mayuri Event in Seattle's Rainbow Temple.

AA: and in the dream it was used to shelter VM JJ from the muddy soil she was sitting on

BB: O! i think u better go get a fa pao too.

AA: i didn't remember exactly who, but it was the same dream with you giving the maha mayuri to JJ
i said: aiyohhh... it was just raining, don't sit on the mud

BB: see, its time to get one n be goodie good in cultivation. else I also can't save you!!

AA: shorter is better, can move easily

BB: no. can't be too short. can't have too much "showing"!

AA: i mean the shortest will be around ankle

BB: yes.
i still remember ZZ, YY n etc, wear shorts n their hairy legs all showing! so undignified
like hooligans lol.
dressing is also a form of respect to divinities

AA: hahahaha hooligans

BB: Jin mu is very particular of dressing properly

AA: oh now i know

BB: she frowns on those that are improperly attired

AA: taoist has a standard of long clothing

BB: not because they have no $ but because they just didn't bother to tidy themselves up

i still remember telling lian HH fashi to clean up and change frequently if she perspires a lot n smell
see GM pointing this out to all with Lian wang as example!

AA: smell cannot tahan

BB: the whole corridor on the that floor smells horrible n choking
her room is worse n she purportedly cultivate in it!
how can fo pusa come

AA: after i wash the blue cloth, what can i do with it? can it be offered during the puja?
BB: a true yogi should smell nice like flower incense

AA: yes

BB: what abhiseka was i supposed to give JJ shangshi?

AA: padmasambhava or maha mayuri
the only thing i remember clearly was that gm handled the abhiseka vase to you

BB: O! Ya. u told me these 2 that day. but i can't remember other one, only remember mayuri

AA: it (Abhiseka) crosses any media and distance :)

BB: to me there is no barrier at all

this one has meaning: and in the dream it was used to shelter VM JJ from the muddy soil she was sitting on

you saw her sitting in MUD!
hahaha! she is mixed with people stuck in Sentient MUD!
you are trying to save her too from Sentient Mud!

I was ordained on the day that GM Lu gave Maha Mayuri Abhiseka in the 2009 Autumn event in Seattle.
I have special affinity with Maha Mayuri too! :)
There are articles in this blog about Maha Mayuri & Me! 

O! don't go berserk about Lotuschef giving Maha Mayuri & Padmasambhava Abhiseka to anyone!

Don't start your sentient mind rolling about "qualifications" for giving Abhiseka too! 


Remember GM's words: If you can Invoke and Yoga with chosen Yidam, You Are the Yidam and can perform with all this yidam's abilities or capabilities! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef 

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