Thursday, August 28, 2014

师尊赐予的机会 Chances Given By GM [1]

Assignment 3 - Comment [1]

Assignment 3

(1) 在修行中的什么阶段 [时间]是 [精华/要]?
(2) 又在什么阶段 [时间]不是 [精华/要]?

(1) At what stage in cultivation [Time] is [Essence/Essential] ?
(2) And at what stage in cultivation [Time] is not [Essence/Essential]?

The above, still boggles many as only one student submit comments close to answering Question (1)!

Hahaha! Why bring the above up again now?

My new assignment! :)

GM instructed me to tell a student to help do translation for articles from my blog into Mandarin.
After a few attempts, the student gave up! 
Then GM asked me to remind him to try again. 
Once again, he gave up again!

Why do translation? 
When One does translation, One has to understand the materials well before using One's own words to translate.
Therefore, this is a Chance given by GM, for this student to read, comprehend and reasoned the articles and share in another language, benefitting more sentient beings.

At the same time, the student is kept busy and less time to waste on unwholesome pursuits too!
This student is the one that keeps harping on my giving Personal consultation or Wenshi! :)

This is being fixated on External forms! :)

Dear all, when you have a mindset like the above, of seeking for answers externally, You don't know how to begin to Trust your Root Guru 100% or Absolutely!

Why students can't answer Assignment [3]?

Didn't TRULY Pay Attention to GM's Speeches! 

Now Question (1), GM spoke of retirement and he said to all : "Treasure the TIME, I am with you all." 
Therefore, Time with GM is a very much needed or essential factor in cultivation, as Cultivation as per GM is in all we do! :)

Another aspect: GM said our TIME is limited in this lifetime, therefore TREASURE TIME and Cultivate to Free SELF from Infinite Samara or Transmigration and all associated suffering!

When TIME is Limited and Short, as applied to Cultivation, it becomes naturally an Essential or a treasured Essence!

If you have paid close attention to GM's speeches, answering Question (1) of Assignment [3] is a piece of cake! 

Simple, right? :)

O! I am not going to tell you anything about Question (2) though!
GM didn't give the Green Light to reveal!!!


This a a beginning of a series with Live Subjects, that had wasted away Chances Given by GM! :)

Stay Tune! 

PS: I sincerely hope you understand how much GM truly cares for all of you and wake up instantly and put in diligent efforts to cultivate.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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