Thursday, August 28, 2014

赤子之心 Pure Heart as Infant's

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kepolosan bagai hati seorang bayi

[chì zǐ zhī xīn]

the innocent heart of a child -- utter innocence

GM talked about this one in a recent session, about a fortnight ago. :)

This is yet another Key Factor to successful cultivation. 

YES! A Pure Heart like that of an infant.

Simple needs like Eat; Sleep; Output - [ Pee & Poo] !

Then they are awake for longer periods and STARTED to DEMAND More for their creature's comfort and You as parents gave in or caved in! 

Similarly, all these process can be liken to Buddha's philosophy & dharma..........

NOW! most of you that started to cultivate Really & Truly Don't Know What's What!

Then YOU gathered data & somehow started to Follow the Crowd, as you have learned from young about Safety in Numbers! :)

This is also the Main Culprit as to WHY YOU can't just Listen Only to Your One & Only Root Guru!

O! Yes! 

Student K, started to cultivate, diligently doing what is taught by her spouse & ME - (she said that I appeared in her dreams and teach her various methods of cultivation, like using the Vajra Bell & Dorje). 

Her aura rapidly changes to a bright one in a short period.
THEN! Karmic Negatives acted Mara, and attempted to Hinder her.

There was Y that had almost the same problem with K, and I counselled both.

K managed to break free to some extend and regain a semblance of the Bright Hue that she previously exhibited.

As GM said, Path of Cultivation is not such an easy or smooth one! :)

Of course, other Hindrances appeared for Student K again & again! 

Dear all, 
Hindrances appear because You are moving in the "right" direction!

Once again, Overcome It with GM's Guidance!

You should have confidence that you can do it again & again too!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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