Monday, August 18, 2014

16-8-2014 Medan Event B

The Kurukulla Mandala

Below: From right - 3 tubs of lotuses, incense ingots, & various incense paper for Homeless spirits; Earth Deities & City Deities.
Next: Dedication to Ancestors, packages.
Next: The Incense paper burner filled with incense ingots & lotuses.
Next: Charity Bardo Delivery packs for all victims of recent air-plane crashes and natural or man-made disasters, all around the world. Each of these tubs contained 3 x 108 = 324 lotuses! :)

We added lots of incense ingots too, to all tubs of lotuses.

The green & 2 red packs of incense paper are the host's dedication to his ancestors.

 Above: Dedication to Homeless spirits; Earth Deities & City Deities.

Noticed that we added "Big Hearts" too, to all these incense paper offering?

Below: Dedication to Ancestors, packages.

Below: Charity Bardo Delivery packs.

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