Wednesday, August 13, 2014

慈恩浩大 Magnanimous Great Compassion

Terjemahan Indonesia: Welas Asih yang Begitu Besar

In a recent speech, GM said someone wrote in to tell him to refrain from mentioning names when he "talks bad" about them or list their lackings!


Dear all, did you listen to this speech?

GM acceded to this student's wish and said that in future he will tell the student concern IN PRIVATE!

In the same speech, GM said he drew on these students as examples to illustrate certain points or concepts!

Let us look at this matter from other angles, shall we?

Now what's wrong in your very own Root Guru pointing out a fault in public?
You might think this is "talk bad" to hurt this student!
Now GM said many times that he is not bothered about FACE & also not bothered about what others choose to hurl at him!

In Pointing Out, the student and those that are present learned what is faulty and can then make necessary changes to IMPROVE, agree?

So, Benefit more sentient beings, agree?

When people slander you or "look down on" you, they are helping you clear your karmic negatives!
So why do you feel bad or shameful?

For all GM Lu's students, you should be very thankful that you have a True Yogi, A Living Buddha, as your Root Guru.

You all should be equally grateful to have your faults pointed out in Public, which means Your Root Guru knows and cares for You and Your Future or Fate!

People said I talked bad about others too!

So, instead of drawing upon Live Subjects and Incidences; I post some statements by students and let you go figure out!

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Less work for me too!

The first two Assignments created tons of extra work, but Assignment [3] was easy.
Direct and to the point answers only for [3].

Direct and to the Point is similar with GM's pointing out!

You want to be able to achieve Guru Yoga, look inwards & not outwards!

Why should Root Guru change to accommodate your "feelings" or your views?


Now Perseverance is yet another factor that all aspiring to be yogi should learn and develop!

The student that wrote in, is very obviously thinking for others or measuring others with his/her own views, agree?

In Zen concepts, Live examples are the best for illustration.

Having a Root Guru that points out your problem so that you can change for the better, and having others in on the same, Everyone learns at the same time!

To GM or any Buddha, No differentiation or segregation, therefore, All students & non-students are ONE!

THINK hard before you act on your impulse, when you have yet to achieve Guru Yoga!

You have Deprived the students' concerned of a Chance to sacrifice Self Pride & Ego! 

Hahaha! Pretty interesting when you look at matters from multi-angles, right?

I love a Root Guru that cares and knows my faults and points them out to me, in public or privately! 
Do you?

Letting Go is a factor you should learn too!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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