Friday, August 1, 2014

Effective Abhiseka?

AA: all of them send in after 11pm. Ky's came in at 11:58pm!
CC asked for more time!
too bad! Affinity!
u see all of them waiting till after 11 pm, its funny!
however, this round there will be no answers published too!

BB: i bet so many readers are waiting to see

AA: they are not even close lol! really no need to spoon feed them as GM said. they grown too lazy n dependant

BB: but yes, many readers are just in the "wait and see" mode without even wanting to try

AA: its pass 12 MN, so thats it!
actually after [2], already know where most mindsets n IQ are!
non of them remember GM said to ..... to cultivate
most also didn't think of GM, as living buddha, as a guru

of course, most also don't know what they are doing which they called cultivation!
Hahaha! This is the END.

I will cancel the overseas event too!
not worth the long time spent!
Staying at home is more comfortable!

BB: yes, long ride
even after you email her, she didn't respond
do you want me to delete the event in the notice?

AA: yes.

BB: or you want to change the venue to "to be announced"?

AA: OK. do in Sg ba!
ancestors offering, pre CNY
one in Sg & one in Medan like this round for lunar 7th month
quite successful too!
Change the venue to Sg,  time to be advise

BB: okies
the date is still 27 dec?
keep the date but change the time only?

AA: no change to 20th dec 2014, one week earlier
but add : Subject to confirmation or To be Confirmed

BB: yes and need learning some basic materials too

AA: ya. GM said if I don't feel good then really don't go
anyway, awaiting GM's new orders too

AA: remember GG threw 2 photos & ordered me to read them?
hehe! thats the end for her too!

BB: yes ah

AA: so sad too for so many of them.
but at least some of them do research and sincere in backing their comments with quotes. 
Others just submit to stay in my good books!

too bad. its their own welfare n nothing to do with me
this round, DD was the worse.
his answer for Q1 was ....(2 words)
Q2 was .......(4 words)
PKV side emails stop coming in liao

BB: fluently???
oh no

AA: hahaha! I can relax till next assignment comes in

BB: if you're fluent in ...... then time is not essential

AA: he is talking rubbish
all of them waiting for hints to be publish too! hahaha! comic
when u can't answer the previous assignments, u won't easily get thru to do [3] at all!

BB: very much interrelated, i know if people don't put efforts in studying buddhism, these kinds of questions are very difficult to comprehend

AA: no foundations at all! so how to proceed?
ask GM to bless them all the time?
ask me to do so too? :)

BB: funny, like the one i just read:

Question: Somebody told me they got twenty initiations from Karmapa. What good is this?

Answer: Yes, I have gotten more than five hundred initiations from many teachers. But if you do not change yourself, what is the use?

from q&a with mr.chen

AA: hahaha!

BB: what an honest statement

AA: the operative here is "did you really get ANY?"
like those that passed under the abhiseka banners weekly, do they really get ANY?
Don't meet criteria, you don't get any!

i was chatting yester morning with GM on a pretty cute topic about #2 n ganz. still pondering on how to share it

BB: brewing :)

AA: hehe! i am working well at home without spectacles
my left eye seems to have adjusted back liao

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