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Bahasa - Complete Exposition True Buddha Tantric Dharma


Waa Fashi... just 2 days ago I read the English version in your blog, and I wondered if there any Indonesian translation for this...

Suddenly just now Indo TBSN page started posted Indo language translation from the Mandarin TBSN article.

Did they read your blog and assignment too? Hehe


Hehe! many indo students read my blog.

Dear all, 
Although its only Chapter 1 of this 蜜教大光华, its good news that someone made effort to share GM's wonderful teachings with all that have Language Hindrances.

布施(梵语:Dána)- 財施、法施、無畏施

The True Spirit of Sharing Authentic Buddha Dharma with All, 
that is a form of Boddhicitta - Dharma Charity!

The efforts ploughed in is Resources Charity!

Doing these without Thought or Expectation of Any Forms of Returns/Rewards, with only a Great compassionate heart for all. without any fear, this is No Attachment Charity.

From Diamond Sutra, in a versr by Maitreya Boddhisattva:

檀義攝於六     資生無畏法

此中一二三     名為修行往

第一句「檀義攝於六」中的檀是梵文DANA 的音譯,其意為布施。
The First word 檀 is Dana, means Charity.
The who phrase means Dana is one of the 6 major Paramita.

[In the Pāli canon's Buddhavaṃsa the Ten Perfections (dasa pāramiyo) are (original terms in Pāli):
Dāna pāramī : generosity, giving of oneself
Sīla pāramī : virtue, morality, proper conduct
Nekkhamma pāramī : renunciation
Paññā pāramī : transcendental wisdom, insight
Viriya (also spelled vīriya) pāramī : energy, diligence, vigour, effort
Khanti pāramī : patience, tolerance, forbearance, acceptance, endurance

Sacca pāramī : truthfulness, honesty
Adhiṭṭhāna (adhitthana) pāramī : determination, resolution
Mettā pāramī : loving-kindness
Upekkhā (also spelled upekhā) pāramī : equanimity, serenity ]

如何攝呢?偈中的第二和 第三句說「資生無畏法,此中一二三」。
資生無畏法是三個名詞。資是資產,資生就是供給眾生物質的需要,使其不感缺乏,所以資生就是財施,無畏是無畏施,法 是法施,所以資生無畏法就是財施、無畏施、法施三種布施。
Verse 2 & 3, Means Resources, Non Attached, Dharma Charity.

Verse 4 - This is what Cultivation should be.

From Assignment [1], Cultivation is also a factor, as BB stated that he has been doing Smoke Offering for quite some time.....
Doing Smoke Offering is a form of Cultivation and It's Aim is to benefit ALL!

From Assignment [2], Cultivation relying on "No Thought" as the unparalleled Bodhi Gem.

From Assignment [3], Question 1 : At what stage in cultivation [Time] is [Essence/Essential] ?
Question 2 :And at what stage in cultivation [Time] is not [Essence/Essential]?

How much do you really or truly knows about Cultivation?

Be honest with Self though, else you will never be able to advance up the 9 Yanas' ladder of stages!

Pure Karma has shared much in our blogs, as of now, Total post is 5647.

We shared freely, unlike some that have their Dharma Sharings printed and locked tight with Copyrights! 

Guru Rinpoche has stated that All True Yogi sharing Authentic Buddha Dharma for benefits of All, will not be without Necessary Resources for Survival & Continued Dharma Propagation!

Pure Karma is a good example of this statement, agree?

For the past 4 years, we don't see any lack in resources to maintain Self as well as Dharma Propagation Activities. 
In fact, we have more and more resources to give charitably to the poor & needies, that we come upon as well. 
This year's Charity of Bardo Deliveries for various Man-made or Natural Disaster, evidenced that we are well funded!
If you were present at one of these sessions, you might feel the Dharma current flowing strongly from your crown gradually filling you.

TBS admin's attempted hostile moves also didn't affect Pure Karma an iota! :)

Hahaha! Shall we say that: They didn't get through the Dharmapalas Protecting & Upholding Buddha Dharma?

GM said that : If anyone misused any Dharma we shared, Dharmapalas will take relevant actions to halt them from causing harm to any or all beings.

This is why, Pure Karma shares Freely, even Special Cultivation techniques, with All, without holding back! 

AH! Have we dispelled all the Lies & rumours that Admin and others churned to defame, slander, hinder, us?

Dear all, Take control of your own destiny now!
Listen to GM and cultivate accordingly!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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