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Donation for Home [1]

Shown above: His Holiness, Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Grandmaster Lu.

Hi Fashi,
Thanks for the commend.

I am supportive of the good cause. As how the fund is being managed will leave it to the committee. Will only hope the it is being handled by trustworthy group.

It is individual karma if someone miss manage the fund for personal gain.

There are always bad apple in a whole bucket of apples.

I feel one should not stop supportive due to few bad experience. 
This is the same to the NKF where leader miss manage the fund. 
Imagine if everyone stop all the donation, what will happen to the foundation and the kidney patients

Building and manage the Home is like setting up an organization but here it is none profitable organization. I believe the Kuantan's group learn the mistake make in Ipoh case and avoid make this a successful one.

I am not sure whether there are communication between the committee from different country on setting up the Home. 
It is important to share the experiences and improve the way new Home setup
And to avoid the 'white elephant' as mentioned.

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Well said!

However, GM's statement has deeper meaning!
Knowingly supporting Good and your Outlook of "I think I did good, I don't care who cheats & false about Promise to do good; 2 different kettles of fishes!
Wisdom & Compassion need to be Balance.

As a sincere cultivator, One should be able to or try to use Wisdom of Buddhas, like Wisdom of Discernment.

GM said: Knowing what you can do and what you can't. ☺

Your impetus to give Financial support has Boddhicitta!
Just need to APPLY wisely.

Sometimes, a kind thought is already enough for those beginning to learn to Cultivate.
However, don't stay a beginner and leave matters to others.

A cultivator ultimately take responsibilities for all actions of Self.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

Cheers all.
Hope you enjoy this interchanges!

Picked up anything useful?

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Dear all, 

Have you seen Any Improvement in the case of Temple Built by TBS' students?


For Singapore, GM wishes to SEE Only One United Chapter and NOT a string of TBS' chapters SCATTERED along Geylang Road or it's vicinities! 

Likewise, when the Ipoh Home is not doing well and not effectively making use of resources, why build another?

Is Unity and helping others, somehow Not in Fellow Students' Agendas? :)

Shouldn't fellow students THINK of fully utilising the Ipoh Home first?

Now look at another White Elephant in Wufeng Taiwan, the Literary centre!
Its about 15-20 minutes away from Taiwan Temple!
There are lots of space in Taiwan Temple that can easily house the Literary Centre too!

More students or visitors when visiting Taiwan Temple, can also check out the Literary Centre!
Win - Win situations that most in TBS seem to have overlook!


Before Anyone can build anything or Cultivate smoothly and well, should One not truly try One's Best to Understand Root Guru?

If you are always "In-step" with Root Guru, You achieved Guru Yoga! :)

Building Homes, Temples, School and eventually Medical centres; Prudency should be applied, agree? :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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