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10-8-2014 Lotuschef at Play 莲厨之游戏

莲厨游戏人间 - 你显露了自己!

Lotuschef at Play - With Criminal Intent [2]



Dear all, 

As we progress through the Cultivation stages, we become Wiser.
If you have been inputting 
Sincere & Diligent efforts in Cultivation; 
Respecting your Root Guru wholeheartedly;
Treasure all Buddha Dharma;
you really will Develop Compassion & Wisdom gradually!

My humble advice: watch or read GM Lu's speeches over as you progress, you will gradually find you are able to understand these speeches more.

It is the same like learning, as your mind matures, you can understand more of what was previously a mystery to you. :)

The Tok-chef that made himself so busy with hints of Threats & Penalties looming upon Lotuschef; see how pathetic are all his efforts?

He only thinks to "score points" or exhibit how Superior he is, in that He can dictate penalties and issue Threats!

Hahaha! poor soul!
He is wasting his time, which he can plough into listening attentively to Root Guru, and cultivating accordingly, concur?

Mindset: He thinks he is far more superior than others! 

This is a very Lethal Mindset to uphold or maintain for any Buddha's student or disciple!


Lotuschef has mercifully "played" with Tok-chef and all behind him too! 

My point is that if you are serious & sincere about Cultivation, you should be Awakening in Stages and Not Be Held or Entangled too long in Sentient Mud!

After I took refuge with GM Lu, I read and watch his speeches and also his books.
I cultivate wholeheartedly too!

What I wrote are all my own personal experiences as I progress, in step with GM Lu's guidances!

THINK: Why the combined strength from Core & supporters Can't Affect Lotuschef, a new student of about 4 years, at the time of Core's Hostilities?

These are not Hostilities against Lotuschef but Against Self, which are all those churning these which they considered as Punishment for Disobedience! 

The whole group are pathetically groping in Sentient Mud of their own making!

The 3 Assignments were from GM!
They are gauges of How much each student truly knows about [Cultivation]!

Whether you submit your comments or not, doesn't matter!

The Verdict: Most don't know what is Cultivation, and also don't know what they are doing all the time!

In fact, most are acting and perpetuating much Negatives against their very own individual self, ignorantly!

Pure Karma has almost 6 thousands published articles, mostly sharing GM Lu's teachings in English & Bahasa Indonesia.
Aim: To help those that Don't Understand Chinese language!

Your loss if you think that Pure Karma has not Helped you! :)

Pure Karma's sharing is available to All 24/7, or round the clock!
Without differentiation, discrimination, ......

For those that THINK they are proficient in Chinese, Think Again!

GM said most don't understand what he shares for the past 44 years!
He was looking at the VMs seated beside him!

Now don't laugh at anyone though!

This article aims for readers to be Cool Calm Clear minded & REFLECT on One's own deeds to date! 

If you think that I have been scolding you, Think Again!

I am actually Pointing Out Instructions to You!

If I Keep Quiet, then I am not a True Yogi!

Because keeping quiet and leaving you to create more Negatives, which will land you in 3 Lower Realms, is not what a Buddha will do!

I will also be giving my buddy, Ksitigarbha, lots of work too, as he vows to empty Hell before attaining Buddhahood!


Bitter Medicine is the Best Medicine! 苦口良药!

Don't waste your time with Negatives, Break Free!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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