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Works of Yogi Chen: A Systematised Collection of Chenian Booklets

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There are many interesting materials from Yogi Chen to enrich our buddhist knowlegde and support our cultivation. They are accessible via this link: the Complete Works of Yogi Chen in English

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A Systematized Collection of Chenian Booklets Nos. 1-100
Edited by Dr. Yutang Lin
Editorial Assistant Shu-Hui Wan

Thanks to Ann Klein for improving the English in this book. Thanks to Chien-Yun Hsu for typing booklets Nos. 101-104. Thanks to Chun-Jane Chen for typing booklet No. 105. Thanks to Shu-Hui Wan for typing booklets Nos. 106-109, correcting all typing errors throughout this book and unifying the format of all these booklets. Thanks to Chen-Jer Jan for scanning the booklets Nos. 101-104 and 110-125 into the computer. Thanks to Melissa Meyer for doing the lasser print-out of the entire book.

My sincere thanks to the Buddhist friends mentioned above for their dedicated service to the Dharma, and to the donors who make free distribution of this book possible. May Buddha and Yogi Chen's blessing be with them as well as with all other sentient beings.

My late guru, the Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen, went into Nirvana in November, 1987. At that time, over one thousand copies of each of the 154 Chenian booklets were in print, and all for free distribution.

The first one hundred booklets were systematized into a collection of two volumes. One-thousand copies were printed by Dr. C. T. Shen and distributed freely to major libraries, Buddhist groups and individuals all over the world. Booklets 101-154, with the exception of Nos. 149, 150, 153 and 154 which are Chinese short stories illustrating the merits of fidelity and chastity, were also systematized by me under the guidance of Yogi Chen. With the help of many Buddhist friends, we are publishing these fifty booklets into two volumes for free distribution. The first volume contains booklets (new numbers) 101-125, and the second volume the remainder. Following the table of contents, we have provided a chart showing the correspondence between the old and new numbering system.

May the readers enjoy the joy of Dharma!

Yutang Lin
April 29, 1992
El Cerrito, CA

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