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空中妙有 Unique Existence Within Void?

This is from a student M, for Assignment [2]

Lets Have Fun! :)

Please maintain an open mind & do not take all as Truths!

English Translation by Lotuschef.

Dear 法師,

無念即是空  觀空見性  即空性
No Thoughts is Void; Viewing Void See Nature; which is Void of Nature

空是因  佛是果  即佛寶
Void is Cause, Buddha is Fruit, which is Buddha's Treasure or Gem


The Real & Fake roses in photos, mirrors, water, all reflect No Differentiation within!


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From Lotuschef:-

[空]里还有 [有]
[Void] still have [Have/Existence] within

Middle Path Theory!

From M:-

Unique Existence Within Void

Void is everything Don't Have or Exist

But need to use Void to reveal Nature

When Revealed, then see Nature

Doesn't mean that Nature is inside Void

NOW, many sent in comments on Void for Assignment [2] & [3]!
What's so cute about these comments?

No True Understanding of Void!

Void is a topic that has great depths and without Yoga or Enlightenment, most are brandishing this [Void] thingy widely!

Hahaha! Once again, you revealed yourself through your own Body Speech Mind!

Same old fact: For Cultivation, You can't means You really don't know and therefore not doing Right!

THINK: Why are you alluding to Void as if you truly know what Void is?

Like Enlightenment, YOU have to go figure it out with Self Participation and with Root Guru's Guidances!


PK: Ego & Pride to show others they are more superior! 
so can't accept that they don't even have the very basics for cultivation!
Assignments was a great wake up that not all appreciate.

BB: hmmm still so many love to feel superior above others, i don't know why
superiority has to be shown with true accomplishment and not a single thing for self
that's why it's so hard for people to get this idea

PK: GM said something like these last Sunday!
Mostly not what you think but what others unanimously agree or experienced before

like Yoga, can't bluff

BB: yep

PK: u see the Tok chef, busy wasting his time to hammer me! :)
what a great waste of precious time n showing his stupidity
that level of intelligence, real pitiful lol!

he don't know what he is doing harms himself only

showing those with true wisdom how dumb he is
that has to be the masterful n power n $ hungry people like #2

BB: yes, very stupid
not liking you can be expressed in a more buddha-ly way lah, as the same students of buddha
some people's IQ and EQ are too obvious to see

PK: NO! They need to get rid of me bcos I am lawless!

BB: the law unto oneself hahaha

PK: I also don't bother about them n their stupid antics
actually from assignment one, we can see most have No Foundation
then went all the way out to hit at BB!


after realising that we can't judge BB, assignment 2 also didn't do well!

most didn't bother to submit their views on a Gem of True Buddha, shared by GM!

[3] can be easy if they understand that TIME is .............
But when you "Arrived", ...............

Not the become buddha then Time n everything is VOID!

hahaha! Thats what you wrote too!

The Key for Time in [3] is Essence!
there is no absolute void !

BB: three pillars of time .........

PK: because there is ............
all elements ...........

now you have the Full answers to both questions in [3]

so its .................! Hehe!

If I explain clearly again, people will continue to be lazy n reliant

But from the Void theory quoted by most, shows that they quote without understanding the Questions!

BB: :) the ............

PK: hehe!

BB: and that ..............., very makes sense

PK: ..........cultivate. Time is ..............

BB: yes, it clearly explains "with only one thought"

PK: ya. GM said something about .............

Void actually .................

so when you answer Void means Time is no longer an essence, because like other forms, everything don't exist liao--- this is still very sentient. to them Void means empty liao! Hahaha!

therefore must listen to GM attentively

BB: yes hor, ...............
very true
just like the concept i read in the Non-Death Yoga article from mr.chen, he said that:

The ten Dharmadhatus are based upon the background of three principles: Materialism, Spiritualism and Non-duality (birth, death, spiritualism, and materialism are identified and harmonized).

wah, you both gave me important concept and clarification :)

PK: as GM said, Enlightenment can't tell bcos ppl won't understand n then they scold u. :)

Depth is not for most! No efforts plough!
how many truly spent time to go read Yogi chen's articles that we shared?
all waiting for me to explain to them
but explain also they won't understand

like in plain Chinese from GM, most also don't understand
then they used their own interpretation n preach or force others to listen & take for Truth

AA commented on Void! As above, all her views of Void!

however, without Yoga, Void is something elusive to most!

BB: yes
reading about How Ascent Is Possible, it clearly requires ..............

PK: hehe! With An Opened Mind! Thats a Key too!

BB: i can understand that you got reprimanded and scolded by many people
out of nowhere and suddenly you shared higher concepts

Dear all, in the above CHAT, some key factors are withheld!:)

GM said: No More Spoon-feeding!

Means: Do Not Explain Too Clearly which Resulted in Students being lazy and reliant and won't bother to put efforts into Finding the Truths for themselves.

Void is not a topic that can be discussed freely with All too! 

You want to Wake Up truly? 
Go plough in relevant diligent efforts and stay In-step with your own Root Guru, don't be diverted or distracted by anyone else! :)

Don't listen to me too! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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