Saturday, August 9, 2014

爱或害 Love or Harm?

Shown above: Chinese New Year Celebration on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, by Lotus Light Charity Singapore.

Below: Happy Hours for all needies on Lotus Light Charity's List [about 5 - 6 hundreds.
Lotus Light Charity gives essential supplies to them every month.

 Shown below: A group of regular volunteers at Lotus Light Charity Singapore. :)

From a fellow student:-

Donation for Home

Hi ShiXiong and Shijie.

Please see the attached for the detail of the donation drive. You may sent the donation directly via TT to the bank as per attached detail.

I can also help to collect the donation and convert to RM and pay via my Msia account to avoid bank charges and currency conversion loss.
No cash, but transfer to my account: xxxx

Please help to sent this message to other friends. 
More fund is required for the construction of the home and on going operating and running cost.

Thank you very much :-)

Pure Karma's View:

Hi shijie and all,
This group has been distributing pamphlets for quite some time already.
Even in Taiwan!

Note that they used Malaysia's True Buddha Association?

For those that had visited the Ipoh one, you will know that the place is a "White Elephant"!


BUT only 5 to 6 old folks stay there!
Also 2 to 3 fashi!

The XX told me that Mi Zong - Imprisoned them and very hard for them to get permission to travel or go out.

Why didn't the old folks stay there after a short "Trial" ?

Ask YY!!!

Remember: GM said when building everyone try their best to gather funds, but once it is Built, everyone wants to be In-Charge!
Instead of building Pureland, they built Hell!

Many temples under TBS are like these!
SC temple, even went to the extend to "Cheat" others for funds!

Before you think to donate or sponsor any of these, THINK and ask around first!

I have their brochures for quite some time but didn't recommend to any of you, WHY?



Dear all, 

Just because they said it is for a good cause, many went to donate or sponsor!

Like Core's "Cash Call" for Continual Needs of large sum of funds to Sue those that Defamed GM Lu, many rushed in without Fully understanding "What For"!

VM Lian Wang even told me in Seattle last year that GM Lu has agreed to go to court and stand witness against those that Defame or Slander him! 
When GM asked him whether he can STILL SEE LIGHT, he said YES! 

Hahaha! Of course, if he is lying about GM Lu's agreement to stand witness in court, then the Light that he claims to be still able to see, is truly questionable, agree? :)

Added to that, when he told GM Lu, that he was scared and panicked when he see Clear Fine Cloudless Sky! 
GM said that Clear Fine Cloudless Sky is actually the Imaginary Void which is an indication of a certain level of achievement in cultivation!
A true Yogi should not have any fear of this vision! 


When One can still see Light does not automatically means this person has maintained Purity of Body Speech Mind! 
Why? I wrote about these before! 
It can be Fixation at a certain stage in Cultivation! 
Means this person Self deludes every time he reaches a certain stage in Visualization! 

The Ambassador? 
He has to do 2 times of Treasure vase Qi practice to see the Blue Light of his own Buddha Nature.
What does this tell you?
This one, please go refer to GM's speeches to Find Your Own Answer! :)

YES! Some answers, you need to work hard and put in efforts to learn!
That's GM's instruction!

O! Gm said you can also use 9-steps breathing technique for this one as well.
Means there are Alternatives!

Feeding you and making you totally dependent is not Loving you but Harming you instead!

GM knows best! 

So if you are sincere in learning, please go find your own answers and walk the Bodhi Path in your own timing with joy & ease!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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