Friday, November 4, 2016

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Dear fashi,
My baby often getting sick. Do i need to do offering to hus karmic?
Some says the chinese is too heavy. But after changing, still the same.
All i done so far is dedicate to him each time i cultivate or reciting om ah hum guru pei a he sa sa maha le ling ............siddhi hum

Thanks & best regards,

Dear ......
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Please focus what you want to ask.

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A: I prefer we don't cater to those that are not regulars n don't really bother to read our blog n find their own answers. :)
9:06 PM

B: yes, i understand that feeling, problem with being lazy

A: hehe! Why don't u try and analyse and then give suggestion on how to reply or solve her problems with Buddha Dharma?

B: she really changed the name

A: pick the components from her email then use dharma to solve :)
Have Fun!
I figured that much
GM & I already talked about the Name thingy & yet she still ask!

B: she should check her baby with the doctor first to get the idea what he is suffering, and get the necessary medicine
after following others' suggestion to change the name and the problem didn't recede, she began to understand that changing the name doesn't solve the problem

and for the baby, i think this one GM also has suggested in his book to recite gaowang and dedicate the merits to the baby and his karmic enemies
the mother on behalf of the baby says sorry to his karmic enemies
so she wholeheartedly use both the mundane way and the supra-mundane one to solve the problem
and of course there's no fast solution for karma eradication

the mom should steadfastly believe in GM's helping hand, otherwise if she wavers, she will start to believe in superstitions
this one happens to many people

A: These are your views but your didn't USE dharma properly in Solution! :)

Go deeper & not just from the surface

B: hmmm
although she disguised the wenshi question with asking whether she needed to do the offering for karmic enemies
i'm still not sure how to read her intent
but she has been trying with reciting guru's mantra for some time and dedicated the merits to her baby

Dear all,
Are you game to try to work out this assignment?

Please feel free to email your Solutions to

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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