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如来神掌 Buddha's Divine Palm

I found classics from you-tube!


There are 5 chapters in this series.

万佛朝宗 - is the last & final variation of the Divine palm.

ancestral temple
ancestors or elders of a people
family宗法 (zōngfǎ)
having the same ancestry宗兄
school, sect禪宗禅宗 (chánzōng)
main purpose宗旨 (zōngzhǐ)
classifier for legal cases
It means ten thousands Buddhas facing origin or a main or core centre.


Well, the Ten Thousands Buddhas Face Centre is what I want to share.
Guru said on 10-6-2012 that our body can merge or yoga with 36 thousands Buddhas!
So Ten Thousands Buddhas is small matter lol!
It brings to mind my visualization of Borobudur and Gaowang Sutra.
So there is some Truth in some of these kung fu or sword fighting movies!!!
Do you agree with me that In Amazing Tantrayana, techniques and methods are Truly Immeasurable?

  • 一切如來心秘密全身舍利寶箧印陀羅尼
  • 建议:念佛顶尊胜陀罗尼 七遍 然后 念 一切如來心秘密全身舍利寶篋印陀羅尼 七遍。
Actually I am thankful for your bringing this Dharani up, as the scenario is the same.
Coincidently, I just linked the 2 together, and added a hall of Medicine Buddha called 10 thousands Buddhas Stupa, where I cultivate in when I first took refuge. This is a large hall of Singapore’s Pu Jue Zen Temple.
Just 2 days ago, I visualize bring along A to cultivate there, drawing upon the empowerment of the 10 thousands Buddhas to make him healthy. This is Guru’s [Samadhi Boddhicitta] practice.

Suggest: Chant 7 times Usnisa Vijaya Dharani followed by 7 times of the Casket Seal Dharani.
This is my cultivation method.
First cleanse & purify then basked in compassionate care of Immeasurable Buddhas!
Remember to include all sentient beings into your cultivation. This is charitable sharing of Dharma!
Sharing the amazing qualities with all sentient beings!

I also recalled that the master of Fa-lun gong (dharma wheel palace), claimed that he can draw upon universal energy.
As per this master, draw energy into one's body is by a clock-wise direction and deploying this energy is by anti-clockwise direction.

Refer to:
  • Qi 气 - A Yogi's Perspective 瑜伽士的见解
  • 16-9-2011 The Wondrous World of Chi Power
  • Extract:
    All these speaks of cultivation.
    Sakyamuni Buddha'e enlightenment opens up the Universe and its mysteries to all if we but cultivate diligently and follow in his footsteps.
    We are bless to have a Guru, in GM, a Living Buddha to guide us as Buddha would his disciples.
    Bodhidharma the founder of Zen, seems also to have much powers which cannot be explained.
    GM can be at many places at the same instance and also can heal many severe illness just by touch and blessing.

    Claims of having special transcendental powers or abilities by many are the results of "Demands" by general public for the Unknown!

    I was watching a detective drama whereby fake artifacts are marketed to general public with certification from Relic Authenticators.
    However, these authenticators are also fakes! :)

    Dear all
    wake up and don't buy whatever others chose to sell you without wisdom!

    Transcendental Abilities?
    One need to cultivate with diligence and these abilities are only a by-product of cultivation and not a True Yogi's ultimate goal!

    With Metta

    Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
    Lama Lotuschef

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