Saturday, November 12, 2016

Presidential Elections - Predications of Doom? [2]

The following is only my humble views & Without Prejudice to anyone or parties!

For those that read Stars, when there were 4 candidates for the Presidential elections, did you select the 2 final candidates?

A: then ZZ presidential election

B: the ZZ citizens are somewhat hopeless seeing X and Y
the newsfeed are full of disappointment in them
wow who knows whether ZZ is going to swallow the bitter pills

i looked at the 4 of them!
If choose one out of these 4, then #1 is the one that will work hard!
but #2 has the shine of leader
hahaha! I best stay away from politics n election prediction b4 GM knock my head again! :) 

A: i missed the polls bcos I am overseas
ya. thats why no more scanning or reading politicians or candidates in elections
what i share with u just now for the ZZ presidential elections, pls keep quiet :)

B: Ok :)
A: everyone predicts Doom with X & Y

B: yes, all talks are about both of them

A: one is like MT, looks nice but has an iron will n a little ....
but one has a failure aura written all over!
n nobody seems to want to listen - kind of aura

B: yes, i kinda think the same, at a glance, the ambitious spirit looks more obvious in X and Y
and oh my, Y is very convincing lol

A: that one has a nonchalant look as if didn't care how things turn out

B: hahahaha yes, exactly!!!

A: hehe!
the other looks like royalty - as if already the kingpin liao n don't need any election to be put at the top

B: wow you summarised that one perfectly
that's what's going on now.

To the "stars gazers", when did H's aura starts to dim?
And, when did the nonchalant D has a crown on his head?
With passing of time, one's aura changes.

If you believe in the existence of a God, then you should realised by now that the God does what is necessary!

D's speech were not the nom that draws consensus because many disapproved of the "harshness".
But, his nonchalance on speaking his mind means he is going to put effort into making changes!

In an article referred to above, I talked about panic selling.
I am actually sharing that you should not rush into heeding the advice of financial gurus too hastily! :)

Now, China made a huge comeback with Communist rule!

Can D's leadership also perform such a huge flip?
Why not?

When I was young, One USD is 3 SGD.

Hehe! they play on your mind n the world markets mostly manipulated by these financial gurus. U buy n sell then they have commission
so u gain or loss really don't matter to them
if choose president, then trump is a better choice bcos he can afford experts to analyse n work out sound plans with him as a king figure.
trump has the infrastructure in his empire already to make money successfully
Oct 18, 1:10 PM

Yes! I have "picked" a presidential candidate and shared my choice in a chat.
Yes, the naughty little lotuschef at play again!

Lotuschef's "Leave TBS" articles were misconstrued and drew lots of criticism and hostilities.
But for those without Buddha's Wisdom, being too fixated on printed materials without true or full understanding, is the culprit that leads you astrayed.
Have any of these hostilities hit home? :)

The Key - Nonchalance!
Nonchalance can mean there is nothing challenging enough to raise a finger! :)

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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