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政变 Coup d'état?

This article is without Prejudice to any parties directly or indirectly involved.
It is only a viewpoint.
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A coup d'état (/ˌkuː deɪˈtɑː/ listen (help·info); French: [ku deta]), sometimes translated as "blow of state" or "hit of state", but the literal translation is "stroke of the state" – as in the swiping or stroke of a sword; plural: coups d'état, (pronounced like the singular form), also known simply as a coup (/ˌkuː/), putsch or an overthrow, is the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus.

NOVEMBER 5 2016 2:25AM
Jakarta protest: Violence on the streets as hardline Muslims demand Christian governor Ahok be jailed

Jakarta: The streets of Jakarta erupted into violence on Friday night with scores of people injured as police clashed with demonstrators following a rally of about 150,000 people demanding the arrest of the city's Chinese Christian governor.

CNN reported that 75 people were treated in hospital, mostly related to exposure to tear gas and head injuries from thrown objects.

A: wow watching the live report, the demonstration in jakarta still has not ended by this hour

B: lucky that I am not in jkt now

A: the mass burned 2 police trucks and looted 3 minimarkets
they are now heading to north jakarta
pooling mass from all over java
yes, lucky that you're in Sgp by now

B: thats why I recommend to stock food lol
u won't go hungry as long as there is water & gas

A: inciting people by using religious verses is the best way to create chaos here

B: Q's using gas cooking is ideal in case electricity supplies down

A: yes hor
we're stocking food

B: what are they demonstrating about?

A: there was an old woman who told the governor that she couldn't vote for him for th next session, because it was against her religion (islam) to vote for non-moslem leader.
so the governor told her not to be easily cheated by using a certain verse in Koran
5 days later someone twisted the recording by omitting a part of what the governor said

B: religion n politics don't match lol

A: and the staunch believers went crazy
they planned the demo on this day

B: but a well govern country provides a conducive environment for one to pursue religion! :)

A: just because the governor is chinese and christian

B: poor lost souls!

A: yes
and they're lucky this is a democratic country

B: we are all religion & no religion too!

A: if they were to live in russia or china, they would be "taken care of" by now
it is a wonder that religion can be a seed of total bigotry

B: so they can keep their vote for whoever can give them promises they want!
BUT, can these promises really be delivered or eventually work to their benefits?
GM said that the female president in X didn't deliver her promises

A: nah, that's why
if they don't like the incumbent, they don't have to vote for him for the next session, as simple as that

B: yup. no need to make a big hoo ha lol

A: but most of the low-intellect moslems are indoctrinated that moslems shouldn't vote for non-moslem leader

B: I am fortunate that I can ignore all those who fire missiles at me, trying to discredit me :)

A: and this factor is (always) used to incite anger and unhappiness

B: if apply religion to politics that racial & religious harmony is at stake

A: it is true, as long you're right and happy, what others think about you is their business

B: the president should ignore the remark from the old woman n not give any response lol
hehe! now you realise why you shy away n want to keep a low profile n hide behind ppl like Y?

A: yes hor, the gov should ignore her

B: a storm in a tea cup!

A: Thank you

B: low profile n maintaining one's cool calm clear mind is very different


B: thats why True religious leaders & masters should steer clear of politics bcos they can read, see, analyse what mortals can't!

A: for power, status and money, people are willing to go that far as in using mass for their own benefits
which they don't bring with them after the demise

B: in commoners' language, these people know Heavenly secrets & revealing these secrets will incur heavenly penalties 泄露天机,必招天谴!
its not 'don't bring with them' but can't bring to afterlife

A: yes hor

This incident seems to be a Religious battle ignited by differences in interpretation or intentional omission of Truth by negative individuals!

Trying a Christian in a Moslem court!

So we go back to Roots.

Religion comes first or one's survival?
The order of peace in country, home, and eventual leisure to pursue spiritual food?
Or Spiritual food and forsake one's own survival?
That is no home, no country, to survive in!
Question: Can a dead person maintain any religious belief and continued pursuits?

My humble opinion: Religion and Politics really should not cross paths.
Politics as in Stabilising one's physical survival before Spiritual one.

This is not a Political Dispute but a Religious One, manipulated & magnified by Hardliners!
But, the Intended Target is a Political leader in power so politics being manipulated by religion.

And most time: Silence is Golden.

With metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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