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不知所云的說法 Not Knowing What Was Spoken type of Dharma Speech

Terjemahan Indonesia: Tidak Tahu Menyampaikan Ceramah Dharma Jenis Apa
Source: 蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 254_至尊的開悟 > 不知所云的說法 
English translation by Lama Lotuschef

那一天。That day.
Longevity Buddha's homa event in Taiwan LZS, 12 March 2016.

I ascended the Dharma seat, and start to expound dharma.

I begin with speaking about how to maintain life (Means stay healthy).

Then talked about maintain life then can have long life.

Also said that maintain health' s kind of living is life of cultivation.

External and internal maintaining health.

[No greed, aversion, ignorance, anger, joy, grief, worry. sadness, envy, hatred, fixation]

Later: direction of speech turn about.

我說:I said:
Long life & short life is similar.
(As long as have value)

No matter what situation, or how one dies also can, or by accident.

又說:Also said:
Self like in illusionary void, or fabrication.

Self don't have any target? Also don't have any destination? No future? No schedule?

又說:Also said:
Self is a patient with mental illness?

Self is mad?

Hahaha anyhow spoke alot.
[ I, myself felt that the dharma speech that day is without target kind of chat, don't know what was spoken, truly don't know what was said]

Finally I even said that:
Tired of speaking about Buddha Dharma!

Don't thing to speak about Buddha dharma anymore!

Even don't know how self continue to live, living for what also don't know?

Finished speaking and descended the dharma seat.

我自己有一個感覺:I personally have one feeling:

Dharma speaker don't know what was spoken.
Audience of dharma even more unaware that I don't know what I said.

No mention of how to chant, visualise, form mudra of Longevity Buddha, how to enter samadhi.

Also didn't expound: Great Perfection Dharma.

那一天。That day.
是怎麼一回事?What happened?

I replied: no dharma speaker, no audience of dharma speech, also don't have Buddha Dharma to speak of.

I said: This is the topmost supreme enlightenment.

我懂。I know.
Don't know whether all disciples know or not?

我說:I said:
無所得。Nothing to attain.
無所住。Nothing to abide.
無所謂。Nothing to be bothered about.
[Don't know whether all disciples realised or not?]

Please ponder on the following sentences:

If there is someone that gave up all sentient materials & matters, and come follow GM Lu, BUT he didn't complete anything, or receive anything, also didn't achieve success.

I said: This person is very complete!

If there is someone that gave up all sentient materials & matters, and come follow GM Lu, he built big Lei Zang Temple, succour many sentient beings, achieve great fruitful status, success relatively great.

I said: Still lacking/missing a little!


These are without Prejudice to anyone or party!

Hahaha! This article is a god-send!
I was going to write about what most people "mouth" to be "In"!
For Example:
In Miss universe pageant, contestants are to mouth [World Peace] in order to have a chance to be selected!

Then presidential candidates also have to 'mouth' promises that most like to hear and these promises are geared at enhancing individuals' lots!

But, T came along and speak his mind!
The contents considered hostile and out of line! 

America used to be Big Brother, strong and dependable to offer aid swiftly.
That is not the current scenario now, WHY?

Instead of being the leader, most of those in power admin seems to follow a trend or precedence set down?
So they are somehow following the practice of someone out of office or already dead!

Likewise, lots of people would like to know what will happen to TBS when GM Lu retires!
They lack security and the drive to self-operate!
Most like to be sheep that follow a leader!

Despite writing and speaking his answer countless time, these questions persist!

AND, GM Lu said in the above article that "He is tired of expounding Buddha Dharma" .........
When all keep looking at one direction or have "tunnel vision" , its a waste of time and effort to continue to enlighten them!

A condition or stipulation of Wenshi session with me : You can ask but I can choose to answer or not!

That is, if you ask something "stupid" or "nonsensical" in my opinion, I will not give you an answer!

I am bored with meeting people and answering their senseless questions!
Can you blame me?

When you can read and understand fully what I share, then write to me!
I can gauge from your written words whether you are worth my time or not!

And, to those that are protesting the presidential candidate elected, THINK!
Taking on a task to care for a nation is no small task!
We should all cheer him on!

We all should have witness how many young politicians that seemed to aged overnight!
Look at those at home, all of them have grey hairs, tired or exhausted auras!
Most of them somehow unknowingly exchanged their Health for the chance to serve their nation!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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