Tuesday, November 1, 2016

用 USE - 圣水 Holy Water?

A: i posted an article about this glass with mantra. hehe! Those didn't attend so missed out on the cup too!
lets see who will show up or not next round!
you all didn't appreciate how good is the container with the mantra printed :)

B: merci for sharing the teaching with us

A: hehe! when I reveal then people go rush n grab them! 
thats why most of the time I keep quiet!
bcos learning USE comes with cultivation n increasing levels of affinity
people printed stickers of great compassion dharani n stick them to drinking water bottles! same principle
but chanting the dharani is needed n not just stick the dharani can do the blessing
bcos as you chant, light shines upon the water

B: yes

A: then the water sort of transformed into light too & 'evaporates' into the air, sharing these blessing all around
thats the visualisation for great compassion water! :)
so Boddhicitta is required for this to work!

B: oh wow
merci merci

A: i never teach anyone this yet! :)

B: Thanks.

A: bcos most of you can't do visualisation properly
directing light onto water is hard to visualise, what more visualising evaporation or transformation into light to spread around :)

B: yes hor

A: best don't confuse people and also don't waste my time :)
then ppl get jealous n slander me saying I am boasting about my transcendental powers!
or they allege that I am not teaching them right!
I didn't even want to teach anyone anything lol

B: oh no wonder lianl.. couldn't stand you
he was always clueless about the "use" like this
the fact that you really have so many things to share

A: hehe! he likes to steal 'using dharma' from me
well, i post them sometime n up to people to use or not lol
if they read n then scold me then too bad lol
ppl think i should justify what I am sharing to their taste n understanding levels! as if I am under an obligation to teach them everything I know!
Well, GM shared so much goodies n yet not many can use at all!

B:in the past teachers were treated with total respect
not the otherwise like today
that they need to cater to the disciples' wants

A: teachers that get paid are supposed to teach until the students understand!
$$$ talks
thats why I don't like to encourage anyone to think if they give me $$$ then i must may sure they get what they wish for

B: Thanks
and people are easy to get disappointed when their wishes don't manifest

A: if I keep sharing then people will feel that they are stupid n hate me more
thats why the surabaya guy alleged that I am boastful proud ......

B: :)

A: most ppl don't understand that they need foundation before I can teach them more lol

B: yes hor
Sun, 8:26 PM

A: I saw Y & Z at the bank this afternoon but they didn't greet me. :)
from their backs, both not healthy
Z's worse n she has thin hair. probably the cancer recurred!
she has op for .... cancer years ago

B: haha, they didn't greet you because they can cultivate on their own, fun contradiction
A: but very stealthy lol! like the ashamed or stealing around like thieves

B:like hky

A: C dropped by. I gave her the 16-in-1 & some of the small squares to offer with the talismans.
as she is doing daily offering, then no need to do special ones on the 2nd n 16th day of each moon
hky also tried to hide away avoiding eye contact :)
really no need to do this type of underhand thingy lol

B: yes hor
let's hope this won't complicate her life
making offering should be a happy session

A: ya. only her husband say until like he got no more $$ to do the offering n he thinks the offering is for C's benefit ......

B: weird misunderstanding

A: if grudge the $$ spent on offering then better don't do lol

B: yaaa!
because it feels like giving someone with complaining as the bonus

A: n doing offering to earth gods n spirits with motive of getting $$$ rewards then its like what GM said, will result in dire consequences exacted by the spirits lol

Dear all
In Tantrayana, blessing water or any material for True Yogi like GM Lu is a glance & a thought only!
When I was a volunteer in a local temple, I learned that reverends chant the Great Compassion Dharani for 49 days to blessed bottled water!

In Taiwan, I visited monasteries that even made visitors chant or utter a pledge before giving them a bottle of the blessed water!

In Catholic churches that I visited in my youth, the have water fountains all around and these water are considered as Holy water and one can dip fingers in and then tap one's own forehead & etc. to the "Father, Son & Holy spirits"!

Quite similar to the Tantric practice of using Om Ah Hom to tap forehead, throat & chest!

AND [Om Ah Hom] works fast too!
That is if you can achieve Mobilisation of Qi or light to execute your task.
But do bear in mind, these are Methods of convenience for Sentient Needs, so do not complicate your life with too much Sentient needs though!

I sincerely hope that you can understand why I do not like to give individual consultation on personal matters or personal cravings!

To make things work for you, YOU must have the relevant potentials!

AND, GM Lu has simplified many dharma practices so that more with Affinity can understand and use.

Remember that [USE] Dharma is for the benefit of all beings!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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