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问事 Wenshi - 传承 Lineage Transmission?



LL: Hehe! Our VM Sam is quite popular in Indo, lots of her supporters in Indo n elsewhere should really be shocked lol

AA: xhok especially :)

LL:removing Sam's title should be enough without delisting the chapter too
core really went too far in this Kill

AA: big big fraction

LL: i remember u told me that BB went to wenshi with Sam

AA: yes

LL: If I offer wenshi cheaply, I will be very very popular in Indo too :)

AA: for sure! :)
Sep 17, 8:16 PM
LL: but wenshi is something not encourage to be instilled into aspiring yogi lol
I practice what I preach :)

Sep 18, 4:57:52 PM
LL: listening to Gm's sermon, coincidence again, some contents quite similar to the article I just posted when I scrolled to the first part of the sermon from the Full video :)

Gm said: i do not want to argue or get into dispute anymore.
I don't want to know
then he went on to say he don't need $$$ gongyang liao
hehe! we did the right thing in diverting gongyang to charity n dharma propagation in GM's name
I also do not accept gongyang easily from the start
**[Presently, I also do not accept gongyang if I have not shared dharma effectively with anyone!
I said to most that I meet for the first time: If I meet you again, and you show signs of benefiting from my sharing, then I will accept gongyang from you! 
Gongyang can be in the form of a meal that students wanted to pay up on my behalf, in which I refused!
$$$ too, I do not accept from those I met for the first time and give me gongyang because I am dress as a Lama :) ]

ppl think that gongyang will get them what they crave in the world!
hahaha! Lian lai even scolded me by accusing me of teaching people not to gongyang shangshi n fashi, saying I don't need the $$ but others do!
he not able to understand Out of this world merits!
also why don't need any merits or recognition by mortals

AA: yes
Sun, 5:04 PM

LL: one pc of the cloth yields 543 scrolls!
can't make anymore now though, cos both thumbs n indexes on left n right also hyper sensitive !

In today's sermon, GM Lu share the Truth about Lineage Transmission BECAUSE many came to Wenshi and their questions -- do they have True Buddha School's Lineage Transmission or not?


GM Lu said that this is One question that the Individual has to ask Self!

The KEY?

The Key was given to the Individual at Refuge & the Doors are opened to the Individual every during Moding from Root Guru & when in Cultivation of Dharma Practices taught or transmitted by one's Root Guru!

Like Yogic Response, Only the Individual Self will know have or don't have, and this also dependent on whether the Individual put in sincere & diligent efforts in cultivation of what Root Guru taught!

GM Lu went on to say that if you are not cultivating Divine practices but that of ghosts, then off course you have their Lineage Transmission and not GM Lu's!

Remember I shared that whether an individual cultivate or not, Aura is something One can never hide?

Likewise, Lineage Transmission and Yogic Responses!

Extract: I name this one GM's vow. 师尊的诺言

[ 皈依师佛既是续前缘,从此刻心起启转。
Refuge with Buddha Guru is actually continuing previous affinity,
From this instant Heart starts to Turn.
With Honourable & Respectful Affection for YOU, 
Always thinking of YOU,
From this moment on, vow again.
The lyrics that I wrote to fit into a canto-pop song, years ago!
Sang it to GM Lu on 13 June 2013 in Taiwan, during a birthday celebration organised for GM Lu.

The Keys to Refuge & Affinity and also Maintaining the Lineage Transmission from One's Root Guru!

** 敬爱着您, 时时惦记着您,如今再度许下诺言。
With Honourable & Respectful Affection for YOU, 
Always thinking of YOU,
From this moment on, vow again.

Keeping One's Root Guru always in One's Mind/Heart!
How can One ever loose or break Lineage Transmission? :)

I also teach many to talk to Root Guru & Do Not Leave Home without Root Guru! :)


I didn't teach you garbages, right? 

You just don't have the Relevant Matured Buddha Affinity to understand my sharings only! 

For those like xhok that chases those with VM titles, criticising me and my sharings, please find time to reflect on what I shared with you and why you sent your photos through emails for me to help you! :)

Free Wenshi obviously harm you more than help you, agree?

Best to learn to be Self Reliant! :)
AND, put more sincerity & diligence into daily cultivation as taught by your Root Guru, if you have one at all!

Taking Refuge means nothing if you fail to Respect and Trust your Root Guru!

With Metta

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