Tuesday, September 27, 2016

迷于眼前 Lost in Present Sight

Terjemahan Indonesia: Tersesat Dalam Penglihatan Saat Ini

The 5 Buddha Crowns & those that wear them, your Human Eye can see these.
BUT, with this Sight YOU in turn created lots of Suffering for Self and become Blind to GM Lu's teachings!

One of my assignment 2 years ago was to explain to a certain fellow student about her fixation on those with Titles & 5-Buddha Crowns.

The subjects were mainly VMs that she perceived as "Powerful"!
We were on a bus travelling back to Guest house that I rented for my stay in HK.

As she brought up each one, I explained to her what each had Claimed as Abilities!

In the end, I reported to GM Lu: As you can see, she just don't want to accept what you directed me to explain to her. :)

Well, one of the subject is the recent delisted VM from LA.

AND, most people think that I am talking bad to advance my own popularity!

Even those that saw photos (above) of Transcendental presences that were captured by camera, they also can't interpret the Truth for themselves!

The culprit is Self & Interpretation with a Mortal's view or mindset only!

Do not blame me or GM Lu for not trying to give you advance warning or relevant facts, YOU just didn't want to accept what your eyes can't see!

Explanation for the HK student was 2 years ago.
Similarly, a 2-year notice that the student that helped post videos to this blog will act destructively!
And the other one that shut down the domain lotuschef.org - GM Lu also gave us more that a year of advance notice to save guard materials in this blogspot we share.

Remember that I said when you take refuge with GM Lu, you already establish a link with HIM?
Whatever you think and the resultant action are all that GM Lu is aware of.

In Tantrayana, One has to have Absolute Faith & Trust in One's Root Guru in order to advance step by step in cultivation, guided physically or transcendentally by this Root Guru!

I am not credible because I do not exhibit the Form with Title and a 5-Buddha crown?

There are more out there that had let go of GM Lu's hand and those that never ever hold HIS hand at all!

As GM Lu said: Time will Tell the Truth!

For those that had perpetuated destruction to dharma propagation materials, you are solely responsible for the Karmic Return and not your intended victims and the said materials.

I am also thankful to those that disrupt our blogs! :)
I have more time to spend on sincere cultivators!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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