Friday, September 16, 2016

水晶般的明白 Crystal Clear

AA: Long life buns from Msr
Small ones, each pao is 60 cents
With lotus paste
Min order: 10 pcs

LL: too expensive but real nice looking
never mind, i buy in sg

AA: :) Cute display

LL: yup! but we pay for the workmanship more than the ingredients lol
actually the celestial peach is gold in color
like the peaches we have that is orange brown lol
all these colored ones are all fakes actually :)

AA: You wrote a nice article for sam

LL: Ya. hopefully they all wake up n know that they have wronged in hurting themselves in forgetting guru
else core's missiles won't touch them

AA: Who sits in your heart

LL:i am a good example of how core has never managed to hut me

AA: :) Yes

LL: u gave power to core to hurt you!
but with diamond sutra n buddha dharma application, no one can hurt you
No Form theory

but greed, ignorance, aversion are poisons that gobbled all of them up
as a VM feels slighted bcos she wants to maintain a facade of being the king pin n must be deferred to n revered.
she perceived that these are her dues!
her privileges!
so she died with all these in hands, letting go of GM's hands

Thu, 4:54 PM

AA: Oh these things that bind her are really subtle but deadly
In the name of ego

LL: ya. :)
u are home?

AA: Still in the cab
Enjoying the traffic jam with folding shirts :)

LL: like lianlai told me that if i misbehave or do something wrong, he being the Vm in sg have to be responsible n he can get me out of trouble ......

AA: He felt so big like a boss with subordinates to control lol

LL: ya lol
as if his is mafia boss n I am the underling
I did not become ordained to be his underling or anyone's underling lol
I am a student of GM Lu and a student of Buddha
not any ignorant n greedy mortal

AA: true indeed

LL: thats why even ........... also can't touch me
GM is the teacher I chose to learn from, Buddha is the teacher whose teachings I chose to learn.
so anyone else trying to boss me around needs really to be qualified enough to teach me authentic buddha dharma & usages lol
crystal clear!

AA: :) yes

LL: the recent core's notice also states clearly that each cultivate their own n don't need to argue or quarrel :)
hehe! They trapped themselves, stating officially they are not in charge of any cultivator!
core always publish stuff from a mortal's viewpoint! :)
Thu, 6:39 PM

ok going to start the homa liao

Hahaha! See the peacock ornament in the background! 

Dear all,
Why do you think that Zen Masters spoke little?

Less said, Less errors!
Also, One needs to Figure Out Dharma Principles & Corresponding Variation of Usages for One's own.

Yes! GM Lu said many times that Cultivation is Dependent on One's own sincere & diligent efforts!

If you Truly & Fully comprehend GM Lu's teachings & sharings, You really don't need anyone else to guide you Onto & along the Bodhi path to Nirvana! :)

When you arrived at "Crystal Clear" on what GM Lu is trying to GIFT to you, Realisation & Enlightenment follows.

At that moment, and from that moment, Nothing Can Ever Bother or Affect you!

O! There's lots of mafia-like ignorants all around, don't let them grab hold of even a Tiny bit of  you! :)
These ignorants can only bully those that have Sentient Cravings to appease!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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