Monday, September 12, 2016

Signs of Yogic Union 相应的现象


English Translation by Lotuschef

[Saintly words Quantum] - Sakyamuni Buddha's speech; 

[Historical Transmitted Quantum] - Cultivate by adhering to sermons/theories from those that have Attainment.

依照根 本上師所講的口訣去修行的,是「師訣量」。
[Guru's Keys Quantum] - Cultivate by adhering to Root Guru's spoken Keys.

[Perception Quantum] - Combining the above 3 Quantum, the strength of perception by One's own body.

In the above speech, GM Lu shared 4 types 量 Quantum definition as stated in Lamdre.

As per GM Lu, changes will take place in the Cultivator when [Yogic Union] is achieved successfully with Yidam and visible signs are Facial changes!
This person will also exhibit the characteristics of Yidam or Divinity, such as Compassionate nature.

AH! Now realise why by "scanning" a person's face, a True Yogi can deduce whether the subject is lying about Diligent Cultivation!!! :)

Its also possible with Photos of the subject as well!

I recalled an incident when GM Lu arrived in HK airport.
An elderly fellow student, who is senile, went missing and we went around looking for her.


We found her almost beside GM Lu!
Another sign of Attainment is that this person gives out not only compassion but also a Homing or Welcoming signal, that aged & senile persons somehow can pick up! :)

Senile folks are less complicated in Mind & thus a certain level of Purity in Mind, which also means Purity of Body & Speech! :)

Thus their Sensory Perception is elevated and able to receive a Saintly One's Transmission of Compassion. Welcome & Aid.

Above a screen shot from a video [Lotuschef -Dharma talk 7 November 2009 in Seattle]
 The above is a snap shot taken in November 2011 during a Home session.

5 July 14 Pure Karma Cutlivation session.

The above in HK, November 2014.

A per GM Lu, transformation will be visible from A diligent yogi that has achieved [Yogic union]!

Have I?


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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