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Breach Samaya - Exterminate Buddha 破三昧耶 - 灭佛

  • 皈依 -启动 [佛缘]Refuge - Kick start [Buddha Affinity]
  • Extract:
  • 2016年9月10日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥法王開講:畢哇巴的「道果」

    In the above session, GM Lu explained Buddha Affinity and Refuge!

    The lyrics I wrote for the following song came to mind and I started to sing it repeatedly after the above session ended. :) :) :)

    **The video link to my singing this song to GM Lu is invalid, the student that posted it has removed it without notice.
    To each HIS own!

    13 June 2010 - 獅城雷藏寺与 师尊的约会 - 莲廚法师 唱歌 感恩师尊

      Media Centre -
      All these video links were also Invalid now! 

    • CHAT:
    AA: I am sure GM didn't intend to shut down the purple lotus chapter lol
    just want to give Sam a warning only

    BB: purple lotus issue is quite a major shaking in TBS

    AA: but power in the wrong hands & trigger crazy ones like core, really made matters worse
    its the ppl that err n not the chapter lol
    its a shame on Core for blanket killing all associates of Sam
    sam shouldn't miss the LA event n also the autumn one

    BB: yes

    AA: core is showing how lousy they are at managing the school's affairs too!
    killing is not the way to go

    BB: if they forbade her to sit in the VM area, then just sat in anywhere in the premise

    AA: education after a warning then hv boddhicitta mah

    BB: yes!

    AA: ya lol
    i love to sit in the dining hall of caotun temple too
    airy n comfortable n watching a TV screen smaller than the ones in the halls also not bad
    even sitting at the fashi rows also can't see GM

    BB: ya

    AA: thats watch from home live cast better
    to deal with Core, One must not share their cravings for sentient materials lol. then they can't touch you at all
    and #2 is a purple lotus also :)
    what a joke to kill a fellow purple lotus!!!

    BB: :) :) :)

    AA: I am really honored lol, as a freshie fashi, they felt the dire need to get rid of me! hehe

    BB: hahaha yes, come to think of that
    fresh and threatening

    AA: Hehe! scary old lady hor
    once again, GM became the bad guy!

    BB: yes hor

    AA: in one of sam's video, she talked about how much hardship she has in getting approval for the temple n then finances n etc. 
    seems all gone down the drains
    human's jealousy & hatred is scary lol
    what core did is real animal minded

    BB: yes

    AA: but its better to leave the claws of core far behind
    GM already said that TBS is already decaying, so best to have some stay away n then rebuild when time is ripe
    2:19 AM

    AA: hi dear, even my maiden speech's video is not valid. have you save them?
    clicking link on media center don't work
    4:42 PM

    BB: oh wow, he really deleted the video
    ok, i will look for the copy and uploaded it again, will update the link afterwards

    AA: everything gone?
    yesterday I found the one of my singing to Gm gone
    today my maiden speech in seattle
    hehe! Gm warned us n I told u go download n convert our own copy
    so like Hy, Ry also has anger n hatred to the extend that he destroyed dharma propagation materials!!!
      its like killing or extermination Buddha

    B: 九节佛风 - 释莲厨法师
    金剛心菩薩法 – 前行观想 (莲厨法师)
    金剛鈴杵搖法 - 释莲厨法师

    those have all gone

    AA: wow! scary guy

    BB: 庆祝师尊莲生活佛生日快乐!
    120630 - Grand Master Birthday Celebration

    Fire Puja on 16 March 2013
    Yidam Guru Padmakumara & Guru Padmasambhava

    16 March 2013
    Lama Lotuschef Birthday Celebration

    22 June 2013
    Happy Birthday to dear Shizun

    also gone

    AA: u mean from our media centre

    BB: they're all from his youtube account

    AA: lets eliminate all his participation
    I hope u downloaded most of the relevant ones though :)

    BB: i think i have downloaded them all
    i will search them from external hdd

    AA: should I threaten him with the consequences of tempering with dharma propagation materials & hindering access to Dharma to infinite beings? :)
    poor ignorant fool

    BB: after all the helps you have rendered for him
    scary people

    AA: thats hands of Mara at work lol :)
    6:39 PM
    I got invited by a group to moon cake festival party:)

    guess what. they talked about getting Path. N they want my name b4 ordination even after I explained about dropping
    They talked about succouring as if once u register then u get Path
    7:33 PM

    BB:some people are just that clueless yet confident :)
    8:22 PM

    AA: i am back liao!
    I didn't eat anything at the party bcos dharmapala shook their heads!
    I just drank a cup of cold water after purifying it with light :)

    they took pride in being vegetarian for 20 years or more too
    i join them in carrying lighted lantern to walk around & chatted with a young man, he told me he was born into a family that has an altar for this group's deities. 
    n he has been vegetarian since birth n that is >20 years
    I asked him what is behind vegetarian?
    he told me that bcos we are all transmigrants, so we refrain from eating a fellow transmigrant! :)

    hahaha! I shared dharma with him & told him that Path first need to be sighted, then cultivated to affirm....
    & I also told him that I aura read the 2 ladies that were talking to me, and advised him to share some genuine dharma with them so that they can be succoured.
    As a young person n educated, reaching out to Genuine or authentic dharma is easy, and those in his generation can change the group's future when they are in-charge lol
    I had Fun! :)

    my dinner! vege n liver
    9:13 PM

    BB:  :) wah hehe
    educated person should have a better logic when explained in a clear way
    i'm having milk and biscuits
    but this was my lunch:

    miso noodle and baked chicken marinated in mirin and soy sauce
    no, i was trying a recipe in the afternoon, then drawing and exercising
    and i've found all the lost videos, going to upload them now :)

    AA: goodie

    hehe! he breached Samaya!
    I will give him a chance to cough them out :)
    when did u download these files, give me the dates pls

    BB: 8 july 2014
    2 years ago hahaha

    AA: wow! GM gave us so much time to download the relevant

English Translation by Lotuschef

[Saintly words Quantum] - Sakyamuni Buddha's speech;

[Historical Transmitted Quantum] - Cultivate by adhering to sermons/theories from those that have Attainment.

依照根 本上師所講的口訣去修行的,是「師訣量」。
[Guru's Keys Quantum] - Cultivate by adhering to Root Guru's spoken Keys.

[Perception Quantum] - Combining the above 3 Quantum, the strength of perception by One's own body.

Why Considered as Breach Samaya? 
Destroying Buddha Dharma Propagation materials! 

Buddha Dharma Propagation materials - in GM Lu's speech above, on the 4 Quantum!

GM Lu told me to save these materials as backups Two Years ago, and the backups were done on  8 july 2014.

In case, you wish to perpetuate any mischief, Please remember that GM Lu is an Authentic or True Buddha! 

Save yourself now, please upload the relevant materials again and give us the relevant links.

Having materials you helped to create shared, actually benefit YOU, because any one that come into contact and vow to cultivate Buddha Dharma to benefit self & others, is considered as Succoured by you.
Its a meritorious deed!

Helps you in reducing your karmic negatives!

I have been helping you BUT Invisible merits to you mean don't have?

We will repost the relevant ones soon.

Sincerely hope that the Subject that deleted the materials will send us the relevant to reinstate!

Do or Don't, all your personal choice!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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