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帶業往生與消業往生 Bring Karma to or Eliminate Karma before Rebirth

Translated to English by Lotuschef 
It is best that you try and translate your own, a version that you can truly comprehend. :)
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef
This article is about the Controversy of [Bring Karma to or Eliminate Karma before Rebirth]. Great Battles ensued - these are anathema to Buddha's teachings! :) 

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 254_至尊的開悟

一派說:One sector or group said:
The Western Paradise, only need to chant Buddha title before demise, with a steadfast and unmovable heart, then can be Rebirth into Pureland.

另一派說:Another sector said:
Not possible. Karma/sins not eliminated, reach Western Paradise, will pollute Pureland, then still have Pureland anymore?

一派說:One sector said:
Western Paradise, belongs to Easy Travel Path, if need to eliminate karma, then still can consider Easy travel path?

另一派說:Another sector said:
Buddha Dharma is Equal, there isn't what is termed as Easy or Difficult travel path. Sentient Beings once sighted Easy Travel Path, who will still cultivate the Difficult travel path?
<<**A good example of this statement is in the following article:-

一派說:One sector said:
Amitabha Buddha is the most compassionate & kind, thats why have Chant Buddha Dharma Door.

另一派說:Another sector said:
That means the other Buddhas are not compassionate and kind?

一派說:One sector said:
Pureland school, do not need to eliminate karma, chant Buddha already eliminate karma, Pure Heart Ten Chant, sure rebirth to pureland.

另一派說:Another sector said:
先修資糧道。First cultivate resource path.
再修加行道。Then Preliminaries path.
直到見道。Straight to Sight Path.
續加修道。Continue to add Cultivate Path.
最後才是究竟道。Finally then is Resultant Path.
This is Cultivation's steps, cannot One step reach Heaven.

一派說:One sector said:
Historically, many Patriarchs of other schools, finally return to Pureland school, because Pureland school can bring karma to Rebirth.

另一派說:Another sector said:
So easy to reach Pureland Buddha Country, what value is to to speak of in studying Buddha's teachings? Reach Pureland, similar to the ease of going to Vegetable market, still have need Buddha's study school, just chant Buddha is good enough?

一派說:One sector said:
Upon arrival in Buddha Country, karma automatically self eliminates.

另一派說:Another sector said:
If karma can self eliminates, then still need what Buddha Dharma?

In summary, both parties won't give in, argue here and there, main topic is still [Bring Karma to or Eliminate Karma before Rebirth].

Someone asked me: Actually which is correct?

I answered: Both are right!

People asked: Bring karma, eliminate karma, these two are different, how can both be right?

I answered: Karma returns/belongs to karma, rebirth returns to rebirth.

People asked: How to explain?

I answered: Qi returns to Qi, Earth returns to Earth.

People asked: Isn't that eliminate karma?

I answered: Karma is similar to people's shadow, is Karma follows body, when one is not present, still have shadow anymore?

People asked: Isn't it said that Only karma follows body?

I answered: [If there is not people/person, where have karma?

This statement please ponder deeply, secret key lies within. 

20160809 蓮生活佛盧勝彥〈太平洋棕櫚度假飯店  PACIFIC PALMS RESORT〉  主持「大幻化網金剛水供大法會」

Now refer to GM Lu's speech of why he decided to grace LA with Heruka event?Diligence of the Hosts, the Chapter's chief and spouse!

Cultivation's Diligence is something that One cannot never Faked by any man-made or artificial means! 

Negative feelings or perception of being slighted, set-aside, ignored, and the associated results of jealousy, hatred, anger, aversion, these then churn out Actions - revenge, retaliation, hostility, violence, war cry, battles, kill, exterminate, .......

Hahaha! Apply these to the Purple Lotus Saga!

A student of GM Lu, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng, should not make Root Guru unhappy.
A show of force or collective strength against One's Root Guru is breaching Samaya!

Have you seen Lotuschef hurting Root Guru in anyway? 

Yes! No matter who attempts to hurt you, draw upon Root Guru and Diamond Sutra, nullified ALL.

Is there any hurt or harm sent your way by your Root Guru?
If not, then all from others can't reach and harm you at all, as long as Root Guru is steadfastly in your Heart, because you have unshakable trust & faith in your own Root Guru!

So who sits in your heart?
Root Guru or a Mara of your own Fabrication?

GM Lu also gave Rescue paths - Refuge Abhiseka 皈依 then Repentance Dharma 忏悔法 & Return to Pure Dharma还净法. 

Wake up!
You left your Root Guru and not your Root Guru left you!

With metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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