Monday, September 26, 2016

指责 Find Fault?

Notice that when you point a finger to find fault or accuse anyone, the rest of your fingers except your thumb, Point Back at You, Yourself!

Please refer to the following:-

Peggy Leong Yes, I support Joseph point of view, Fa shi you Have too much grievances in your heart. I Have read your blog. In your blog, you always critise and point fault at your very own fellow brothers,and masters.
Fa shi why do you live in a life of misery and grievances, you should culitivate at your heart Level. Have peace in your mind and heart. This is the way to cultivate. Not always criticise peopLe. Peace to you.
May you Have peace

Francesca Poon Dear Peggy, Hahaha!Reading and Understanding are 2 different matters! I thank you for your advice to change my style of Living!

However, I also humbly suggest you go read some Zen Koans that Guru wrote with Live Subjects and other Koans by other Zen masters.

Do not only glean the Surface only. Hahaha! Amituofo!

As GM Lu said: With the passing of Time, the TRUTH will be revealed! :)

A student accused me of not teaching her and her spouse how to do Bardo Delivery before meals!
When I asked her what didn't I teach her, she said the Manjusri method!
Then I asked her what has she been doing every time before meals?

When I was doing purification of food and bardo delivery before meals, I noticed that she and her spouse closed their eyes & form mudras and chant silently!

She said she chant Guru's mantra!
I asked her what's wrong with Guru's mantra?

She said I should teach her the Manjusri one!
I said I shared that with her in an email long ago!
She insisted that I didn't!

I dug out the email and sent to her and her spouse, showing her that I shared the email with Manjusri mantra and how to go about the practice.


For those of you that accused GM Lu of not teaching you anything, think again!

I remembered reading a comment by one of the defame GM Lu team, he accused that GM Lu didn't teach him anything!
But almost in the same breath, he claimed that he can "Project" himself from a distance to a target destination! 

So this smart person, that left GM Lu tutelage, mastered "astral or transcendental projection" on his own?

However, reading his statements, His body speech mind is not that of an Enlightened one, what more a True Yogi!

In recent speeches, GM Lu shared Lamdre and the Fact that One's affinity determines One's success or failure in Tantric Cultivation!

HE also said previously that it is not that the Buddha Dharma and the Guru is no good, but the problem of the Individual in failing to understand and use Buddha Dharma.

Your Karmic Frequencies determine whether you can understand Buddha Dharma or not and really nothing to do with the Guru!

If you can't understand what I have been sharing with you, means you have problem with your Karmic frequencies and Buddha Affinity.


If you sit back and ponder: Why those that are good in the Chinese Language that GM Lu expounds Dharma with, also can't achieve Yogic Union with GM Lu and other Divinities?

It is really no one else's fault by the Individual's own!

So, from this moment on, Please find fault with yourself first!

There are 84,000 dharma doors or paths, I am sure one of these doors can accommodate you One day! 

Yes! Don't ever give up!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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