Wednesday, September 14, 2016

报名就能[得道]Register Then Can [Get Path]!

The Mid-autumn festival party that I was invited to, is actually a guise for promoting a religious group, purportedly one of Buddhist leanings! :)

These are some of statements gathered from 2 of the members of this party and both have been veterans for 20 years or more!

give the name your mother gave you to register then go upstairs can [Get Path]!
度 - succour
以假修真 - rely on false to cultivate real
燃灯古佛 - Dipankara Buddha
弥勒佛 - Maitreya Buddha
观音很辛苦的修了很久才[得道]- Avalokitesvara took long arduous cultivation then can [Get Path]
我们先[得道]才开始修 - We first [Get Path] then start to cultivate
参加法会听[法]- attend events to listen to [Dharma]
修我们的行为 - cultivate our behaviours
I asked how they cultivate, like whether they do meditation or not...
The answer is they do not do meditation.
Anyway, answers from the 2 veteran members of this group is vague and lack True pointers to Buddha Dharma.

Another male members that they introduced me to, is a chapter or altar owner that is staying upstairs.
This person seems extremely uncomfortable in my presence, and avoided eye-contact with me.
Yes! I scanned him! :)

The lady that sat on my left has more than 20 years with this group, and her spine is bent and her aura is dull n greyish. Her health is poor.
She even claimed that a monk from China was instructed by Maitreya Buddha to come and [Get Path] from this group.
And upon his arrival, he boarded a taxi of a fellow member that brought him directly to one of the member's chapter.
And he successfully [Got Path]!

The other lady on my right side about 20 years and she has an argumentative aura that has Great Ego & a "Must win at all cost" aura too!

Both ladies brandished [度 - succour] around and to them, it means they successfully got someone to register and [Get Path].
I asked what their definition and do they follow up on the ones that they [Succour] afterwards too! :)
Both were real fruzzled.
And I am a naughty lotus child!

One plus point of this group is the youngsters offer Free Tuition for all grades of schooling kids. :)

Yes! Thats why I chatted with one of the young member, seeing that their [succour] lies in the educated youngsters and future leaders of this group! :)

In summary, non of the members show signs of Shining Brightly and Welcomingly to all beings, a Sign of someone that has [Got Path] or Attain Path and this Path is Bodhi Path 菩提道! 

I also understand what GM Lu meant by [Succour you next life, when we meet again!]

Affinity is just not present yet because of Karmic Hindrances of the Individual or Subject.

I am not ruling that this group is harming anyone, or they are all wrong.
Because Cultivation depends on Each Individual's Affinity & Their respective Karmic Hindrances!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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